25 Random Acts of Kindness You Can Do Every Day

Oftentimes, being kind costs you nothing.

You’re probably familiar with that warm and fuzzy feeling that leaves you smiling to yourself after you perform a good deed (If you have no idea what we're talking about, go out and do some good right now.). If you don't feel it all that often, take the words of Aristotle into consideration: “It is easy to perform good action, but not easy to acquire a settled habit of performing such actions.”

Yes, there are the occasional fundraising charity galas, the annual holiday visit to an orphanage with toy donations, and the like. But are they enough? To inspire goodness, you have to create it—daily and in any way you can. It need not be a grand gesture or a donation of a large sum of money. Small, helpful acts may lead to a happier life. To get you started, here are some good deeds you can do on a daily basis:

1. Message a friend you haven’t seen or talked to in a long time and ask how he or she is doing.

2. Greet the security guards “good morning” and “goodbye” when you enter and leave your building. Don’t wait for them to greet you, say it first.

3. Give good recommendations to anyone asking for them.

4. Notice that Instagram or Facebook photo that doesn’t have any likes? Like it and leave a nice comment.

5. Instead of posting on a wall or sending a message, send your friend a real birthday card or a letter. Let’s all strive to make handwritten letters happen.


6. Keep a pack of crackers in your bag at all times to give to a street kid. If you frequent a certain one on the way to work, prepare a healthy treat for him or her every once in a while.

7. When you see someone drop something, pick it up and return it to him or her.

8. Hold the elevator open and wait for everyone to enter.

9. Give up your seat for an elder who doesn’t have one, no matter what your gender or age.

10. At restaurants, ask for your servers' names, call them by it, and ask them how they’re doing.

11. Whip up some cookies or pastries and offer your neighbors a freshly baked batch. This will give you a chance to get to know your them and polish your baking skills.

12. Stop yourself from making mean comments, whether over lunch with your officemates or in your Viber group chats. 

13. If you see others struggling because they have their hands full, offer to carry some items or open the door for them. They’ll be very grateful.

14. Voluntarily water plants on public domain.

15. When you come across litter, pick it up and discard it in the nearest trash bin. People around you who witness this may consider doing the same in the future or think twice about littering.

16. Befriend an elderly neighbor. Ask him or her to tell you stories. The elderly have lots to tell.

17. Offer to tutor the children in your life. They can always use the extra help with homework.

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18. Smile at strangers on the street. Wish them a good day, too. It’s customary in other countries and we should make it habit here.

19. Tip generously.

20. Even just for a day, try to be nice to a person you dislike. Engage him or her in small talk and try to discover the good in him or her.  

21. Message your parents every day. Tell them you love them and let them know you are doing fine.

22. If you know someone going through a rough time—perhaps they are sick or they have a new baby at home—ask them if they need any help. Offer to pick up some medicine, diapers, or anything they may not be able to leave home for.

23. Answer a survey. Businesses and services are always looking to improve, so why not help them with your input? It will cost you nothing.

24. When meeting someone new, pay them a compliment. Find something you like about them and say it out loud. It’ll help you both remember each other.

25. Always tell the truth.

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