8 Charitable Organizations to Support Based on Your Personal Cause

'Tis the season to extend a helping hand.
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Whether it’s the holiday season or not, giving back should always be part of your personal agenda. There are many ways, both big and small, to do that: taking a day to volunteer for a cause that you are passionate about, raising awareness in your own circle, or becoming an active member of an organization with a common goal. If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few organizations that make extending a helping hand easy.

Voice of the Free

Human Rights

iFIGHT CAMPUS TOUR at AG Busano Sr. National High School on August 31, 2018

Posted by Voice of the Free - VF Foundation, Inc. on Friday, November 23, 2018

Recognized by Freedom for All founder and director Katie Ford, Voice of the Free has committed itself to tackling the rampant human trafficking issue in the Philippines. Under its protective and informative care pillar, the non-profit organization rescues, shelters, and educates women and children who are victims of human trafficking. In 27 years, it has erected 13 shelters and project areas at crucial sites in the business of trafficking around the Philippines. You can help Voice of the Free further its cause by donating, volunteering, or working with them.

For more information, visit voiceofthefree.org.ph

Urban Poor Resource Center of the Philippines

Poverty Alleviation

Posted by UPRC Phils on Sunday, June 26, 2016

A relatively new non-profit organization, the Urban Poor Resource Center of the Philippines (UPRCP) was born out of the concern for typhoon Ondoy's many victims. The goal to end poverty is realized through lobbying policies in favor of urban poor interests and setting up pro-poor programs. It likewise empowers the urban poor by providing them access to humane jobs, food sovereignty, and adequate housing, among others, through educational programs. One of its concrete programs is the School Bag Project, which aims to distribute school bags with basic school supplies to children in the elementary level. The UPRCP is also an avenue for research materials as it conducts regular studies on key urban poor issues and concerns. To help, you can either partner with them on one of their programs or sign up to be a UPRCP volunteer.


For more information, visit uprcp.com

Roots of Health


Attention Roots of Health supporters! Giving Tuesday is on November 27! We will be launching a new project on Global...

Posted by Roots of Health on Sunday, November 25, 2018

Founded by mother-daughter duo Susan Evangelista and Amina Evangelista Swanepoel, Roots of Health has provided over 4,000 pregnant women in Puerto Princesa, Palawan with free healthcare. Roots of Health is divided into two pillars: health education and health services. The organization equips women in this area with the knowledge they need to maintain their reproductive health and with family planning consultations so that each child is planned, wanted, and given a fair start in life. This season, some artists under Silverlens graciously donated their works to be auctioned off for the benefit of Roots of Health.

For more information, visit rootsofhealth.org

Teach for the Philippines


Mr. Frank Vibar of Starbucks Philippines teaches EPP in Teacher Fellow JC Pineda 's ESP Class.

Posted by Teach for the Philippines on Monday, September 10, 2018

The Teach for the Philippines program hits all the right notes when it comes to education for all. It taps young leaders and trains them to be well-equipped teachers, while also providing marginalized children access to quality education. So far, it has worked toward filling the need for 40,000 public school teachers through its two-year Teacher Fellow program. If you are a young one yourself, you can join by becoming a Teacher Fellow assigned to an area in the Philippines. You may also choose to become a Champion for Teach for the Philippines by “adopting a future leader.” 

For more information, visit teachforthephilippines.org

The Carewell Community Foundation

Health and Wellness

Posted by The Carewell Community Foundation on Saturday, June 30, 2018

The ultimate goal of the Carewell Community is to provide support to cancer patients and their families. It is like a big support group that offers talks about prevention and management given by experts. It also provides consultations with doctors, and serves as a venue where members can commune. Some of its regular activities include cancer management and prevention seminars and group sessions with a life coach. You can support Carewell this Christmas by either volunteering, purchasing their merchandise, or donating.

watch now

For more information, visit carewellcommunity.org

CRIBS Foundation

Child Care

Posted by CRIBS Foundation, Inc. on Friday, September 28, 2018

Six years shy of its 50th anniversary, CRIBS was established by the wives of American missionaries who fostered two children and eventually found them adoptive homes. This is what present-day CRIBS continues to do: It comes to the aid of abandoned or neglected infants through the Receiving Home program, finds these children foster homes, and houses and rehabilitates sexually-abused female minors. To date, the Receiving Home program has helped 2,067 children, while New Beginnings has helped 730 victims. The CRIBS website keeps an updated wish list of things the center needs, which you can access here. Otherwise, they also make it easy for you to donate cash through this link.

For more information, visit cribsfoundation.com

Haribon Foundation

Environment Conservation

It's time we clean up the mess we've made. Find out how you can join coastal cleanups here: bit.ly/GetInvolvedWithHF

Posted by Haribon Foundation on Wednesday, November 7, 2018

More than ever, it's crucial that we look out for our natural resources. The Haribon Foundation, named after the Philippine Eagle, has been working toward a unified goal of biodiversity conservation through rigorous research for the past 45 years. The non-profit has constantly hosted coastal clean-ups, tree-planting activities to restore mangroves, and protecting unique wildlife in their natural habitats. The organization has also been very active in education laypeople on their cause and getting them involved. You can become involved by attending one of their information seminars, participating in their events, or even purchasing their CleanAir shampoo bars. For every shampoo bar sold, a seedling will be planted under the Forests for Life campaign.

For more information, visit haribon.org.ph

CARA Welfare

Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation 


CARA attended the Juan Earth event last Saturday, Sept. 29, 1-5pm Other NGO and school organizations were there also...

Posted by CARA Welfare Philippines on Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Animal lovers with the goal to find loving homes for displaced cats and dogs formed one of the swiftest organizations when it comes to rushing to the aid of animals—CARA Welfare. Apart from the rescue component, the non-profit also makes it a point to promote animal welfare to the public. There are also additional programs that provide veterinary care for pet owners in need and neutering projects that do rounds in villages and barangays. You can help CARA Welfare’s cause by volunteering to foster one of its animals, adopting a new pet, or making a donation.

For more information, visit caraphil.org

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