The Best Centers for Wellness and Holistic Care in Manila


Most of us are mandated to complete the annual physical examination or even the yearly executive checkup, but a growing number of experts and patients believe there are health issues that can't be solved by traditional medicine. This is why it is recommended that you partner your health routine with alternative programs and treatments that work in optimizing your overall well-being.


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THE GOSPEL: Some doctors and health experts believe that the secret to longevity is through what is called “functional medicine.” This practice uses alternative medicine and holistic methods to optimize the bodily functions and, in the long run, prevent any illnesses. LifeScience takes an in-depth look into the workings of its patients’ bodies and helps them make decisions that would lead to better eating, sleeping, and other lifestyle choices crucial to their health. The approach is high-touch and high-tech, and many believe that this personalized form of prevention and treatment is where modern medicine is headed.

PRACTICAL MAGIC: Apart from comprehensive weight management programs and gene tests, LifeScience is known for its Food Intolerance Test, which is a comprehensive test that tells patients what food items are compatible with their body or suit their nutritional needs. Another notable service is the Reverse Chronic Disease Program, which both strengthens the immune system and cleanses the body of any impurities that may be inflicting patients. It’s best for those living with diabetes, high cholesterol, and other heart ailments.

8/F ACCRALAW Tower, 30th Street corner 2nd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig



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THE GOSPEL: What if doctors could look at our cell’s activities and measure the exact level of vitamins, minerals, toxic elements, and deficiencies that affect the cell’s processes? That seemingly futuristic technology is now a reality at BioBalance, where Dr. Theodore Achacoso and his team hold a private practice in both nutrition and hormone balancing. While most executive checkups look only at organ functions, Achacoso’s wellness institute promotes looking within the organs’ cells, including over a hundred factors that contribute to their anabolic and catabolic processes such as the exact levels of our vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, and alphalipoic acid (which weren’t measurable in the past), antioxidants, minerals, fatty acids, and a whole lot more, all with the goal of supplementing what we lack and curbing toxins to make the body and every cell in it function at its optimum. —NICOLE LIMOS MORALES

PRACTICAL MAGIC: BioBalance is best known for its three signature programs, which deal with nutrient optimization, optimal gut care, and weight management—but at the center of those three is the patient’s unique biochemistry. After tests are sent to laboratories at Genova Diagnostics in North Carolina, a comprehensive report arrives back and the patient undergoes an intensive program that last as long as three to four months for the Nutrient Optimization Program and Optimal Gut Care Program respectively. The clinic also prescribes supplements to match your needs and your new diet.

Aegle Wellness Center       

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THE GOSPEL: The Aegle Wellness Center in Makati and on Balesin Island is a hybrid between a spa and a wellness center. While it does offer laser procedures and other skin treatments for aesthetic purposes, it is committed to the overall maintenance of health by using state-of-the-art equipment that draw from studies of cell physiology, molecular biology, and human genomics.

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PRACTICAL MAGIC: One of the highlighted offerings at Aegle is the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, which uses an ingredient that we take for granted—oxygen. During this treatment, patients breathe 100 percent oxygen at a pressure higher than sea level pressure inside a chamber. The body’s cells use oxygen for normal function and to regenerate and this therapy provides the body with the additional oxygen needed when it’s worn down.

Centro Holistico

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THE GOSPEL: Practitioners in integrative medicine have come together to form HealthElements, Inc., parent company of Centro Holsitico. Health experts under this clinic believe that alternative treatments should complement traditional Western medicine, and the former method shouldn’t be without the latter. Consultations at Centro Holistico do not only entail taking a closer look at one’s physical state of health, but also takes into account the emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Typically, a one-hour consultation also includes a live blood analysis and dietary recommendations, while the two-hour Functional Medicine and Lifestyle Consultation will give patients an in-depth look at his or her current health status

PRACTICAL MAGIC: During its fifth-year anniversary celebration, loyal patrons had praised the center’s colon cleanse treatment, which detoxes the liver through a coffee enema. Another of its signature offerings is acupuncture, which includes the traditional Chinese method performed for cosmetic purposes. Of note are the intravenous treatments—the IV Nutrient Therapy, IV Cancer Protocol, and IV Laser Therapy—which promises to deliver a concentrated dose of vitamins and minerals to address the body’s needs.


2/F The Retail Row, The Grove by Rockwell, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Pasig, 477.4574; 2/F CommerCenter Alabang Commerce Avenue corner Filinvest Avenue and East Asia Drive, Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang

The Farm at San Benito

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THE GOSPEL: The Farm at San Benito has long been the go-to out of town retreat for spa lovers. Beyond the typical spa menu, however, is the philosophy of an overall healthy lifestyle. This is achieved with the help of their dedicated team of doctors, nutritionists, chefs, fitness instructors, and yoga teachers.

PRACTICAL MAGIC: While there are aesthetic-targeted treatments, there is a bevy of health programs that offer detoxes, weight management courses, pain management, and even mental health management. It’s got a little bit of every health aspect on offer.

119 Barangay Tipakan 4217 Lipa City, Batangas, 884.8074

Living Life Well

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THE GOSPEL: This health center employs expertise that can treat everything from chronic fatigue, to hypertension, to infertility, and even to addiction. The hub, as it can aptly be referred to, is said to be a center and pioneer of “Integrative, Preventive, and Promotive” medicine in the country.

PRACTICAL MAGIC: One of its more unique services is the Dolphin Neurostim, which is the world’s first device that simulates the effects of traditional acupuncture but without the needles. This is recommended for patients with muscle pains and those who want to improve range of motion.

5/F Mega Atrium, SM Megamall, Ortigas Center, 470.4955


THE GOSPEL: If it’s your mind you want to refresh, this center will map out your brain and train it for optimal performance using a non-invasive system tied to an advanced computer program. This is called Neurofeedback and Denise Celdran and Dr. Miguel F. Celdran have been operating on its efficacy since 2013. Ultimately, Neurofeedback can improve your focus, attention span, and mood, and is ideal for those living with anxiety issues or are diagnosed with ADHD. Patients with ADHD have found that they are less frantic and are able to sleep better after participating in Neurofeedback.

PRACTICAL MAGIC: Aside from brain training, Mind Works also offers Brain Mapping, which measures brain wave activity and gets patients more acquainted with how their brain works. There’s also IV Infusion, which is a quick, invasive method for patients to get the nutrients one’s body is lacking.

Mind Works, 311 Narra Building, 2276 Don Chino Roces Avenue Extension, Makati, 553.5943

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