The Notre Dame Cathedral Could Be Rebuilt With This Futuristic Design


After a devastating fire gutted parts of the historic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, the French government announced an international competition to redesign the Notre Dame spire. One of the designs gaining public interest is a glass roof and spire that can harness solar energy. 

Aerial view featuring the modern design of Notre Dame Cathedral by Vincent Callebaut Architecture

If selected, the design by Vincent Callebaut Architecture will install a roof and spire made up of diamond glass panels supported by steel frames. Each of the panels would store solar power in hydrogen fuel cells, which are projected to provide electricity for the cathedral and some buildings in its vicinity. 

The green design also incorporates food sustainability by having a vegetable garden on its rooftop. The produce from this urban farm would feed Paris' homeless population. 

Rooftop garden

The north facade of Notre Dame Cathedral with the proposed roof

The east facade of Notre Dame Cathedral with the proposed roof

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 The west facade of Notre Dame Cathedral with the proposed roof

Other Promising Designs

Aside from Vincent Callebaut Architecture, other firms have submitted modern yet elegant designs that complement the French Gothic design of the cathedral. 

Studio Fuksas, an architecture and design firm based in Italy, submitted a crystal glass roof and spire, describing it as "a crystal, spiral symbol of the fragility of history and spirituality."

This stunning design by Brazil-based Aj6 Studio incorporates Notre Dame's famed stained glass windows onto its roof and spire concept. 


This design by Studio Nab proposes a greenhouse on the rooftop. 

French architect David Deroo envisions a modern take on Notre Dame's original spire.

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