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Where Do Broken Hearts Go? The Truly Rich Lady Finds Out

C.C. Coo asks her Truly Rich Friends.

Dear Readers,

I would just like to remind everyone that I am no relationship expert, and yet you still keep asking me what to do about your hearts? (Maybe see a doctor.) In particular, curious minds want to know, where do broken hearts go? I am not really sure, because I am not a travel agent nor a person with good sense of direction (I once got lost in my house). Nevertheless, because there must be answers to this important question, I’ve turned to my Truly Rich Friends for their advice. Here is what they say: 

Says The Truly Rich Man Who Follows The Left Side Of His Brain

I went to work the next day as if nothing had happened. Not saying our time together didn’t mean anything, but in all honesty, I had already spent too much time on something that didn’t work. If I were to look at our relationship as an investment, it was a bust. I needed to move on. Immediately.

Says The Truly Rich Lady Who Was Left At The Altar

Well, the honeymoon to Belize had already booked when the thing happened, so I took it. The change of scenery certainly helped ease my sadness, but it was really the privacy that I was thankful for. After being humiliated in front of a thousand people, being alone (the island was private) was what I needed. It made me really happy, too, that he had pre-paid my month-long vacay in a paradise full of hot men.


Says the Truly Rich Young Person

Tindr. The easiest way to get over a breakup is to find someone new.

Says the Truly Rich Lady Who Has An Expensive Hobby

Fortunately, my unfortunate breakup happened during sale season, so I flew to Hong Kong, Taipei, and then Shanghai for a little retail therapy. Actually, a lot. Ended up with a load of coats, shoes, and also regret purchases, which I can never return. I may have been crushed, but at least I looked good.

Says the Truly Rich Who Had Nothing to Do

You know what I realized? I had spent so much time with this person that, when I quit our relationship, I found myself with nothing to do. So I finally learned how to swim, took baking lessons, started French language classes, and looked into getting another degree. Maybe I went overboard and did all these things just to distract myself. I really don't really know, because I have no time to process. My schedule is full.

Says the Truly Rich Lady Who Sought Others

I became that person who talked about my breakup to no end. I whined about my ex to my best friend, my brother (who didn’t care at all), my mother, my grandmother, everyone with ears. I needed other people to validate my sad feelings. I must say I really want to say thank you to everyone for not kicking me in the rear right away. It took two months of non-stop whining before someone had the courage to tell me to please shut up. 

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Says the Truly Rich Lady Who Was Defeated

I hid in my room, shut the door, and watched all the things one shouldn't watch right after a breakup: Pride and Prejudice, Downton Abbey, The Notebook, Legally Blonde, iPhone videos of my ex. When I wasn't watching, crying, and eating cheap chocolate, I listened to sad songs. I even abandoned my rigorous beauty routine, which is a very big deal! That's how bad I felt. 

Says the Truly Rich Lady Who Was Brave

The easiest thing to do is to shut down, but a good friend told me to do the exact opposite and just say yes to everything. I did that for a week and found myself singing and dancing in public, eating obscene amounts of food, and kissing strangers. It was strange and also a thrill.

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