Someone Made Copies of Angie King’s Bespoke RWB Porsche

IMAGE Angie King

Some seven years ago, Angie King and her shop Car Porn Racing invited Japanese Porsche tuner Akira Nakai of RWB to customize classic 911 Porsches for local owners. RWB stands for Rau-Welt Begriff which means “rough world perception” in German. 

Angie King's customized Porsche RWB named Victoria

Photo by Angie King.

Nakai-san started with a small shop in a Japanese countryside in Chiba-Ken, and his first project was his own car named “Stella.” These days, RWB-built Porsches are a common sight in the racing circuits of Japan, Chances are you'll see one or two in the places where these collectors hang out. Each Porsche he performs a custom build on is highly bespoke and there will not be another one like it, and all of them have names chosen by the owner. 

Angie King and her wife Joey Mead-King pose with Victoria

Photo by Angie King.

Nakai-san’s first project was King’s 911 “Victoria” back in 2013, a purple-colored street-and-track machine. As soon as word got out, people were lining up to have their Porsches done by the Japanese master. King’s second personal RWB Porsche was commissioned in 2018 named “Noah.” 

Angie King with "Noah"

Photo by Angie King.

“My two RWBs are priceless,” King tells Esquire Philippines. “Since 2013, we did 14 RWB Porsches all in all. Two more were supposedly planned for this year but because of the pandemic, these projects are on hold at the moment.”

Increased value

Besides the value of these cars in pure production stock form, one has to shell out a few million pesos to make it into a bespoke RWB Porsche. The value of these RWB cars may run close into the eight-digit peso range by the time Nakai-san is done with the project.

Aside from the customized parts, you have to take care of Nakai-san’s travel and accommodations since he flies in and personally oversees all his RWB projects. 

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Each RWB-customized Porsche is highly bespoke, meaning there's not another one like it

Photo by Angie King.

“The guy is really cool to hang out with and is very down-to-earth,” according to Nic, one of Car Porn Racing commissioned RWB owners. “Plus, Japan’s proximity to us makes it easier for him to shuttle back and forth. The challenge is an almost six-month wait, which comes after you make a full payment!” Nic laughs. “But it is all worth it. Every build is such a treat to just watch a genius at work.”

Although Nic declined to have his last name mentioned, he did agree to share the name of his beloved RWB: “Kirsten.” 

Angie with RWB owner Akira Nakai

Photo by Angie King.

Car Porn Racing made sure Nic’s RWB had local tech and service support and King made sure all the RWB projects were done with the same attention to detail and level of craftsmanship befitting the RWB badge. 

Scale models

But why spend all that money when you can get your hands on a bespoke special order and limited edition Victoria RWB Porsche yourself for just P2,500? 

A scale model of Angie King's Victoria

Photo by FuelMe.

That is, if you are okay with a 1/64 scale model placed in an acrylic case with custom Victoria box packaging and serialized nameplates and display board. Made by FuelMe, only 999 pieces of these highly detailed scale models were crafted in resin and skillfully painted to look like the actual Victoria.

Incidentally, the Victoria moniker comes from Angie’s popular motel chain empire Victoria Court.

Angie King's other Porsche RWB named "Noah"

Photo by Angie King.

“It’s almost sold out,” according to Kat Tarce-Tan, the owner of Shop4Fun and the local distributor for these collectible scale models. “If you want to order one we can put you on the waitlist and see if someone backs out.”

The scale model is only P2,500

Photo by FuelMe.

King personally ordered a dozen of these which she plans to keep or maybe offer as collector’s items in the future.

If you’re interested to get one of these RWB Porsche scale models, reach out to Kat on Facebook at or visit her store on social media at


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