Brando Suarez

People often confuse pansexuality and bisexuality for a couple of (somewhat valid) reasons.
"I can't really hear you and I can't see anything and I may be sweaty and my feet might hurt and this band may not exactly be my thing, but really, it's fine."
In what world should someone be put in jail for defending her friends from harassers? "Happy Pride Month" from the PNP.
"Maybe it is shallow, but so what? This transport crisis really makes you think."
If pageants are about empowering women, then transwomen, mothers, and pregnant women have as much a right to be Miss Universe as any.
After John Matthew Salilig’s gruesome hazing death, we are again reminded that fraternities should not only be sanctioned, but also abolished. This disillusioned fratman asks: How many more kids have to die?
Unfortunately, on dating apps, height matters. But trust us, being short is not the worst thing in the world.
We just hate seeing a strong woman take control of her life. Such a shame.
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