Who Is Clint Bondad? 

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On July 14, 2020, Clint Bondad caused a stir on social media after he posted cryptic messages on his Instagram Stories, in which he implied he lives a double-life as a computer hacker. He claimed to have infiltrated a secure server in the past and even announced a countdown that people assumed is for a bombshell exposé about his ex-girlfriend Catriona Gray or her current boyfriend Sam Milby

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But who is Clint Bondad and why is he of interest? 

Bondad was born in March 1994 to Filipino and German parents. He was born and raised in Germany and went to high school in Frankfurt. He moved to the Philippines after graduating from high school and studied at the Trinity University of Asia in Quezon City. 

Sometime after college, he became a model. He has appeared on the pages of Esquire Philippines, Cosmopolitan Philippines, Men’s Health Philippines, and Scene Zone. In 2013, he was featured as Cosmo’s “Hunk of the Month” for its August issue. 

One of his biggest modeling breakthroughs happened in 2015 when he was included among the Cosmo Bachelors

Bondad eventually decided to pursue a career in showbiz. In 2016, he was cast in a supporting role in ABS-CBN’s afternoon drama series Be My Lady, which starred Erich Gonzales and Daniel Matsunaga

The following year, Bondad became part of ABS-CBN’s hunk group, the ASAP Coverboys along with Tommy Esguerra, Albie Casino, Tanner Mata, and Luis Hontiveros.

ASAP Coverboys (From Left): Tommy Esguerra, Albie Casino, Clint Bondad, Tanner Mata, and Luis Hontiveros.

Photo by ABS-CBN / ASAP.

Bondad left ASAP Coverboys and his acting career after feeling overworked due to the pressure of his schedules. 

“I was managing a modeling and great acting career that required me to give three to four days a week to ASAP Coverboys and working out daily since you are also expected to be fit on TV even if you feel close to dying,” said Bondad in a lengthy Instagram post in 2019. 

“I simply chose my business over ASAP. That's the whole story! ABS-CBN was phenomenal to me!” he added. 

In the Instagram post, Bondad showed before-and-after photos of himself when he was overworked at ABS-CBN and after he left the network. 

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Just to put this topic finally to rest!???? WHY did I leave ASAP Coverboys????? The left picture is from when I was part of the group a year ago and the picture on the right is only 3 weeks later AFTER leaving them! I looked like a shipwreck survivor ???? During that time I had 2 business startups, interviewed 50+ potential employees, hired a hand full, fired a hand full, killed a ton of paperwork, worked on getting my fleet of vehicles into tip top condition, had people "misplace" money and car parts and then disappear, got involved in a car crash, some wouldn't show up for work or I woke them up on location after snoozing, raised funds when time was running out, monitored ALL my jobs in real time, had my cell phone on 24/7, answered calls every few min regardless of time or being asleep, would work 20+ hours a day, traveled up to 10 hours a day, napped in the car or on my desk, endured banks not working and me then having to sprint to the next money transfer to pay people on time, calculated all financial aspects of the businesses or deals or double checked them constantly, trained new employees, did the own company bookings as well because NOBODY will work as hard as yourself, tested my new products, negotiated with clients, looked for and found new clients, learned my businesses in general regardless of silly advice, encountered corrupt government officials, payed people for services that weren't fulfilled, had no time left to cook or eat much and had to correct accountants for wrongfully filing taxes. The usual hustle of business ventures ???? BUT on TOP of that of course I was managing a modelling and great acting career that required me to give 3-4 days a week to ASAP Coverboys and working out daily since you are also expected to be fit on TV even if you feel close to dying haha. However I loved it! We grow from struggle and we can get more AGGRESSIVE when faced by it! Gets me excited! You can only truly know from experience! But drive can be unchecked sometimed and my body was falling apart eventually even though my mind was just getting warm! Still human ???? So I simply chose my business over ASAP. That's the whole story! ???? ABS-CBN was phenomenal to me! ????

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Clint Bondad and Catriona Gray’s Breakup 

ondad and Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray had been longtime sweethearts even before they became famous. The two started their relationship in 2013, and it seemed like they were meant to settle down together. 

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Bondad and Gray first met each other inside a tiny elevator in Baguio in 2012. The two were attending separate shoots at the same location. 

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray


“I said hi to her. She forgot about me later on, but it was fine. Then, I met her again later on at a casting. That was 2012, and we just dated...I thought she was cute and I loved her accent. She doesn’t have it anymore...nobody knows, but she used to talk very Aussie,” Bondad recalls in an interview in 2019. 

But things started to go downhill after Gray was crowned Miss Universe. 

Bondad revealed that lack of communication led to their breakup. It was understandable, considering the attention and immense pressure put on Gray after winning the Miss Universe title. 

“One reason is I’m a little bit conscious... I see her and she’s surrounded by like 20, 30 people all the time, right?” said Bondad. 


Despite the breakup, it seemed Bondad was expecting it. 

“I kept on saying this is going to happen, she has it...she was the most prepared... She worked really hard for it.”

Clint Bondad and His Relationship with a Thai Transwoman Billionaire

In 2019, Bondad was linked to Jakkaphong “Anne” Jakrajutatip or JKN, a Thai transgender billionaire and CEO of JKN Global Media Public Company Limited. She was hailed as “Asia Media Woman of the Year” during the Content Asia Summit 2019 in Singapore.

When a photo of Bondad and JKN was uploaded by the latter on Instagram, Thai and Filipino netizens began speculating about the nature of their relationship. 

However, JKN downplayed malicious comments and said Bondad was like her little brother. 

“I’m 40 years old now. I’m the big sister to him. He’s my little boy,” she wrote.

“No, not my boyfriend. I already have my own soulmate… He’s not my type! Sorry!”

What Clint Bondad Is Doing Nowadays

In March 2020, Bondad took a hiatus from social media and stopped posting updates about his life. 

When he reemerged on July 10, he surprised everyone with his “pandemic look.” Bondad had grown a full beard and posed in a bathroom with strange writings on the walls. 

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CRACKED THE HOME WORKOUT CODE ???????? #covid19 ain't stopping this Spartan King #warmup Soon I will come out with the easiest fitness plan that the fitness industry has EVER seen! I'll teach you gals and guys the step by step process of how to simplify this whole paradox of fitness. I know you guys must be frustrated to hell with the whole topic. Let's change that... Let's take down the marketing scammers of this whole industry with their weird and unaplicable case studies. Only causing confusion and by that not really helping you. Ouch. It will hurt. Foot to the chest hurt. For you, I will gladly stir up ?? YouTube Fitness! HA HA Let me be your tank! P. S. Whole Supplement line to follow shortly after. Be patient ???????????? Happy working out! Fitness is a privilege! #DarkYogi #brand #DYNutritionPlan #soon

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Apart from being an actor and model, Bondad is a businessman and is involved in the fitness industry.

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