Want to Help Typhoon Victims? Get Your Portrait Drawn by a Local Artist

Give, if you can.
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The devastation wrought by typhoon Ulysses continues to unravel. Images of people trying to rebuild, particularly in Marikina and Rizal province, are all over social media. It’s doubly heartbreaking considering that it’s barely been a few days since typhoon Rolly ravaged the Bicol region. 

As always, people are coming together to help those in need. Government agencies as well as private corporations and individuals have launched donation drives to get much-needed help to those most severely affected. It can feel exhausting at times, but as a country that is one of the worst hit by natural disasters, it’s something that we can’t avoid and might have to live with for the foreseeable future.

Local artists have heeded the call to help. On Twitter, especially, the creative community has launched a campaign to get people to help by offering their services. Those who would like to donate can simply get in touch with the artist and get a picture drawn for a small price, which would then go to relief efforts. While most offer portraits, some can draw other pictures on request.

To find these artists, just search “commission for a cause” on Twitter or follow the hashtag #ArtPH.

For the lucky ones who can afford to give, here are a few to get you started:


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