'Russian Warship, Go F**k Yourself' Is Now an Official Ukraine Postage Stamp 


“Russian warship, go fuck yourself.”

Uttered by the brave soldiers of Ukraine’s Snake Island, these words have become the war cry of Ukrainian forces defending their homeland from Russian invaders. The recording of these words quickly went viral, and Ukrainians have embodied the spirit of the phrase in their courageous defense of Ukrainian land. 

To reinforce morale, Ukraine has officially commemorated the event with a postage stamp depicting a border guard facing a Russian warship…. with his middle finger proudly raised to tell them to eff off. 

Trust Ukrainians to find humor in this tragic war. 

Just as the recording of the soldiers’ words caught the world’s attention, so has this audacious and powerful postage stamp. The Ukrainian Postal Service (Ukrposhta) has only released 1 million stamps, 700,000 of which are in circulation in Ukraine. Another 200,000 has been boldly reserved for territories under Russian rule, while the remaining 100,000 has been left for everyone else. 

Ukrainians have reportedly lined up at post offices for hours to buy the stamp, sometimes to use, but more often to keep as memorabilia or to sell online. Resellers have managed to raise the price of the stamp to $2,500 on eBay, even though each stamp is sold for only $1. 

"I am sure that Ukrainians and our friends from abroad will be pleased to receive letters with such a postage stamp," said Igor Smelyansky, the general director of Ukrposhta. “And today in this postal way we once again remind the invaders that they should immediately get off our land and follow their ship."


Ukraine has managed to hold out for months, where Russian forces expected the invasion to be over in weeks. Instead of submission, Russia has been met with impassioned resistance at every turn. 

Ukrainians have reportedly been waiting for up to six hours in line for the commemorative stamps, and some users online have joked that the lines for these stamps exceed lines for the newest iPhones.

Check out the long lines for the “Russian warship, go fuck yourself” stamps in Ukraine: 

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