From Sushi to Lumpia, Here Are Not-Cake Cakes for Delivery


Studies show stress leads to changes in eating behavior and food choices in general, with a popular choice being cake, in particular. And while birthday cake with buttercream frosting may be quite popular during these uncertain times, we’ve discovered that cake can come in various forms, and be just as satisfying.  For those who feel like binge eating with something different, here are some alternatives. 

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Sushi Cakes by Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen

Bambi Reyes Javelosa of Bambi’s Gourmet Kitchen started making sushi cakes during quarantine. She knew her friends stuck at home were craving good sushi and she wanted to fulfill that need. All her ingredients are delivered fresh daily.

Her salmon sushi cake is layered with salmon and spicy mayo, topped with kani and two kinds of roe. California maki is stuffed with kani and garnished with fresh slices of mango. Her sushi rolls and nigiri aburi can be stacked beautifully on a platter too: Think salmon and avocado maki crowned with a center of grilled unagi. Or you can tell Bambi what your favorite sushi ingredients are, and she'll take it from there.

From P3,500. 0999 881 4272. Facebook at Bambi’s Gourmet Kitchen

Photo by Yvette Fernandez.

Pancit-Lumpia Cake by Milky Way Cafe

For his wife Maja’s birthday, Milky Way Cafe’s chef J Gamboa took inspiration from a photo of a pancit-lumpia cake a friend posted on Facebook. As Maja’s birthday falls on June 12, Independence Day, J decided to make a Filipino birthday cake. He used Milky Way’s popular pancit sotanghon at miki and surrounded it with classic lumpiang Shanghai. It was such a hit with his family that he decided to launch it at the restaurant last week.  And from the response, it looks like this one will be a mainstay. 

P1,895, serves 10 to 12. 0966 634 5792, 02 8817 4042


Rigatoni Torta al Telefono by Cibo

Cibo celebrates its 23rd birthday this year, and chef Margarita Fores came up with a fabulous rigatoni torta al telefono kit that arrives at your home ready-to-assemble with mozzarella sauce, stewed tomato sauce, and olive oil. Top it with the included basil leave garnishings and Parmigiano, and oh, a birthday candle, of course!

watch now

P1,997 (the year Cibo started). 02 8891 1111.  


Photo by Pepper Teehankee.

Pork Cake by The Thai Plate

How about a savory, meaty cake? The Thai Plate recommends its two-pound platter of deep fried pork layered with sticky rice, topped with cilantro and hot chilies. 

P1200, must be ordered a day in advance. 0977 236 5836


Caviar Pie by Marielle Po  

Marielle Santos Po’s decadent caviar pie, one of the originals in the city, has been delighting the most discriminating palates for almost two decades. It’s made with layers of herbed cheese and fresh cream, sweet onions, and hard-boiled eggs, topped with rich, salty Turkish caviar and garnished with lemon wedges. Orders must be made two days in advance.

P1,200 for 4.5-inch pie, P2,200 for 5.5 inches, P3,200 for 6.5 inches. 0917 804 5203


OG Cake Tower by Krispy Kreme 

Who doesn’t love donuts? While fancy donuts have been popping up in pretty colors and flavors all over our Instagram feeds, our personal favorite is still the OG, the original glazed donut of Krispy Kreme. It brings back memories of standing in line at its first franchise in Manhattan, waiting for the Hot Now sign in red neon to light up. 

Just a year ago, we celebrated a fun birthday with Krispy Kreme’s OG Cake Tower, which comes with a cake stand, candles, and party hats, too.


P2,199 for three dozen donuts, P2,599 for five dozen. 02 8887 9000.


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