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McDonald's Is Hiding 4 New Burgers on Their Menu
Or should we say...behind their menu

There have always been rumors of a secret menu at McDonald's. In other countries, there are talks of a Big Mac Chicken or a a Monster Mac. There was that 10-piece Chicken Nuggets option that was eventually overshadowed by the widely covered 20-piece set. There are Internet hacks like the McGangBang (a McChicken sandwiched by two burger patties then sandwiched with the buns) and the cheat to get less salt in your fries (ask for them fresh and hold the salt). 

But most of these are Internet fantasies. It's only now that McDonald's Philippines is actually pushing through with a four-item-strong secret menu. And if the trend in food seems to be back to simplification, the fast-casual giant is all about supersizing. 


The Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese (P215), which we're personally calling a Half-Pounder. 

A Double McChicken (P149). Think of your favorite chicken sandwich but double in flavor

For the cheesiest sort, how about a Triple Cheeseburger (P149)

And last but not the least, the Surf N Turf (P159), your regular Big Mac but with a wedge of fish fillet. 

The menu is so newit became available only today, November 17that the prices can only be accessed through one cash register. As with most of McDonald's offerings, you can have it either as a meal or ala carte. According to the manager, there hasn't been an end date for the promotion, so right now all you have to do is whisper "I want the secret menu, please." 

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