These are the Most Googled Beer Brands in Asia This Year

And what country searched for beer the most?

Few things are more satisfying after a long hard day at the office (or working from home) than an ice-cold bottle of beer. 

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In the Philippines, there’s no question San Miguel is king of cervezas, but in case you’ve ever been curious what the most popular beers are across our neighboring countries, the folks over at iPrice have done the work for us. 

The ecommerce aggregator parsed through all the Google searches for beer—not just the English word, but the word for it in each of the languages in the region—to come up with its tally of the most popular beer brands, at least from January to June this year. The countries it looked at include Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asian countries Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. 

Judging by these metrics, Dutch beer Heineken came out on top, having appeared in the top three in each individual country’s search volume (except in Hong Kong). The brand also saw a 22-percent spike in searches from January to June 2020 compared to the same period in 2019.

Japanese beer brand Asahi is a far second, although searches for it grew 49.10 percent in the same time frame.


In third place is a three-way tie between Hoegaarden, Carlsberg, and Budweiser, while Singaporean beer brand Tiger is at fourth (tied with Ireland’s Guinness) and is the top regional beer brand in the study.

Filipino beers San Miguel Pale Pilsen and Red Horse are at fifth and sixth place, proving their popularity not just in the homeland but in other places across the region. (Of course, we can’t discount the possibility of Filipinos living elsewhere in Asia searching for the familiar brands for a taste of home). Both saw searches grow this year at just over 22 percent compared to last year.

Bringing up the rear are Taiwan Beer (from Taiwan) and Bia Saigon (Vietnam) tied at seventh place; Sapporo (Japan) at eighth; Sunmai (Taiwan), Chang (Thailand) and Singha (Thailand) at ninth; and Anchor (US) at tenth.

The iPrice study also revealed that in countries like Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore and the Philippines, one or more of their homegrown beers made it to the country’s top three. In Thailand, Hong Kong and Indonesia, however, foreign beer bands topped the list.

As for which of the eight countries actually searched for beer the most this year, Singapore takes top spot. iPrice says the search took into consideration’s Google’s reach, or the number of people that actually uses the search engine, in each country. In Singapore’s case, total searches for beer relative to its reach means about 3.86 percent of the population are interested in beer. Hong Kong is second at 3.57 percent, and the Philippines third at 3.34 percent.

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Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam follow, with Indonesia, which is a Muslim-majority country and has strict laws about alcohol consumption, bringing up the rear.

According to iPrice, Thailand and Vietnam, which have thriving nightlife and drinking cultures, rank low on the list because beer is already quite accessible in the two countries so there’s little need to search for it online.

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