Lessons in Design, From The Italians Who Know Better

“I suggest just to enjoy. Don’t make too much analysis on why and when and where."
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It’s a well-known fact that both in fashion and interiors, Italians have always been better than the rest of us. Case in point are the brothers Galimberti behind the high-end furniture brand Flexform. They started in 1959 in Northern Italy and went on to build a company and a brand that is now recognized for its commitment and dedication to the values, Made in Italy, timeless elegance, coherent design, contemporary character, and more. 

Their well-crafted pieces have graced the stately homes of Lake Como, the elegant buildings of Milan, and the foyer of the historic Teatro alla Scala. Now, Flexform has reached our shores. Export sales director Giuliano Galimberti, a member of the hardworking Galimberti family, recently flew to Manila to introduce their iconic pieces. We sat down with him to find out the answer to why Italians are so good at this thing called style?  

1| Whatever you choose for yourself, from your clothes to your furniture, is part of the message you put out to the world.  


“This is personal opinion, not scientific. One of the reasons why it’s so appreciated, the Italian lifestyle, is due to the fact that Italians, they go for the good-looking things. I mean, whatever you wear, for example, you don’t wear clothes just to cover yourself. Even the way you dress is a message, you understand? We have the culture of beauty. Even if you go to the restaurant, the colors of the dishes, of the place, we have this kind of attitude toward beauty. And this makes, I think, Italians attractive. The attention toward beauty by Italians is very strong.”  


2| Formal education keeps Italian design and culture alive.

“Don’t forget the kind of university we have in Italy, no? One of the reasons why there is the Italian design is because there are a lot of designer schools, universities, and excellent architects. So, there is this tradition. Design is Italian, at the end, I think. No, I can say that. I think that design, the word 'design' and the word 'Italian,' many times, they go together even in the minds of the people.” 

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3| When designing a room or a home, it is important to create a mood. 

“The best way to interpret the Flexform philosophy is to take it and to put in your house. If you put it in your house, you immediately give all the values that we talked about into your private context.”  


4| But don’t overthink things when creating your space. Just enjoy the process. 


“I suggest just to enjoy. Don’t make too much analysis on why and when and where. You just come if you like our design. Be sure about how serious the company is behind this collection, so you just come if you like them.” 


5| Remember that when you buy a product, you’re paying for more than just an object. 

“It is because you are asking for more than one product when you buy a chair, when you buy a sofa, when you buy an armchair. Why buy a Flexform chair? Why an Italian product? There are millions of producers. So you want to buy not only a chair, you want to buy something more. You want to buy value. You want to buy the Italian design. You want to buy something that you are sure is comfortable, something that represents worth behind the model.” 

Flexform is located at 215 Nicanor Garcia St. Bel Air 2, Makati.

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