Conyo TikToks Have Taken Over the Internet. Here's the Lowdown

Ah yes, making fun of rich people.

The year was 2012, and everything online was a bit simpler. It was a time before the coronavirus pandemic, killer wasps, and several political situations, among others. All we really were concerned about back then was stopping Kony, watching Dumb Ways to Die, and... making tweets mocking #conyoproblems. 


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You probably remember them well: out-of-touch shower thoughts from the privileged upper class that were very hilarious. If not, let us give you a refresher. The account that did it well was @conyoproblems, and it had loads of gold tweets like these below.


It was quality content but like all good things, it had to come to an end. The Twitter account, along with the hashtag, quickly fizzled and the phenomenon has been unmatched since. While making fun of rich people took a backseat, Filipino Twitter had fun with other outrageous memes.

Sure, there are Instagram accounts that have taken the same approach (see Starter Packs of Manila, which references Toyota Land Cruisers, Commonwealth, balikbayan cuties) but the humor is really more inner circle stuff for the international school crowd.

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The latest, however, to do the whole thing well is TikTok. Using POV-style camera angles, the videos just feel all too real. It's equal parts funny, eerie, cringy, and familiar. Rain Matienzo, who dubbed herself "that conyo girl," sparked the trend and her content ranges from classic school situations, dating life, and more—all done in conyo-style, of course.

“When I started making POVs, some would [comment about] how annoyed they felt with the characters I portray," Matienzo tells "Getting noticed for my skits was something new to me, and it took a while until I realized that [these comments], in fact, meant that [my] characters were effective.”


watch me flex everything i know about your bf ???? ##foryou ##tiktokph

? original sound  - Rain Matienzo

The meme has grown to other conyo personalities, too, like Macoy Averilla's Auntie Julie, a 30- to 40-something-year-old mom of two from White Plains who lunches at Mary Grace and Wildflour. She's pretty much that well-off aunt you know, except much more woke as an LGBTQ ally, concerned voter, and more.


Auntie Julie introduces Bert to Eduardo ##YourTita ##fyp

? original sound  - Macoy Dubs

And then there's this, which is terrifyingly accurate if you've ever been a college student in Taft or Katipunan.


POV: You bumped into your conyo f*ckboy tropa at the smoking area ????

? original sound  - Jan Silverio


Let 5" Inseam TikTok Be Your Bare-Thighed Guide to Shorts Shopping

Ateneans Embrace the Atenean Stereotype on This Hilarious Twitter Thread

Now, we just need a duet of all of the different TikToks combined to complete the conyo multiverse. Wouldn't that be something?

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