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This is What Happens When an Electronic Musician Plays in a Museum

Artist Gus Albor and CRWN collaborate on a one-of-a-kind art and music event
IMAGE Cyrian Agujo

Museums are typically serene, quiet places that often seem reserved only for the reserved.

Not the Ayala Museum earlier this month, when online music platform Bandwagon put together celebrated minimalist artist Gus Albor and beatmaker/producer CRWN in Creative Nights, a special one-night only music and arts event.

At the center of the event was Albor’s Territory art exhibit, which featured almost 200 art pieces spanning nearly half a decade (1969-2018). Renowned both in the local and in the international art scenes, Albor has had exhibitions in Italy, Japan, and the United States, and was the recipient of the prestigious CCP 13 Artists Award.

The accolades are well-earned. Many of the abstract pieces feature Albor’s penchant for using unusual materials in his works such as metal, plexiglass, wood, and even computer keyboards.

Gus Albor likes using unusual materials, like old computer keyboards, in his art

IMAGE: Cyrian Agujo

And just so newbies wouldn't get lost in what the pieces were all about, Albor himself led a tour of the exhibit and explained the history behind each piece.


“I like to use different materials to give each art piece a different feel and texture,” says Albor.

The artist also likes to take scrap material and junk, such as old radiators and car crankshafts, and turn them into works of art. 

Albor also likes to use scrap material and what would otherwise be called junk, like this old car part

IMAGE: Cyrian Agujo

Old radiators as art

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IMAGE: Cyrian Agujo

Aside from abstract art, Albor also dabbles in portraiture, and he proudly showed the guests a part of the exhibit showing his take on each of his family members. There were also sketches of random people he saw on trips to Europe.

Albor is also into portraiture

IMAGE: Cyrian Agujo

But what made the night truly special was when King Puentespina aka CRWN started playing his zen-like beats. The artist has been making music since 2013 and has performed in major festivals such as Wanderland and Malasimbo.

CRWN takes the stage with Albor

IMAGE: Cyrian Agujo

He’s best known for electronic melodies that can probably make even your intense mother-in-law relax. His music served as the ideal soundtrack to Territory.

The atmosphere was as chill as you wouldn't imagine could exist in a museum, with some people sitting on the floor while others enjoyed their h'ors d'oeuvres and drinks. It certainly wasn’t your typical museum event.

Guests enjoyed the music and atmosphere of the Ayala Museum at the one-of-a-kind music and art event

IMAGE: Cyrian Agujo

Aside from amazing art and relaxing music, guests even got to try being artists for a night via a painting corner where they got to bring out their inner Picassos.

Some guests picked up a paintbrush and tried making art themselves

IMAGE: Cyrian Agujo

Not long after CRWN took the stage, Albor, who is also a trained musician, joined him along with special guest guitarist Kowboy Santos (son of music icon Sampaguita). The performance was so good guests asked for an encore.

Albor and CRWN were joined onstage by musician Kowboy Santos

IMAGE: Cyrian Agujo

Later, Albor did an impromptu live painting session, to the delight of the guests.

Creative Nights proved that you can really spice up something to make it more interesting. You just have to be, well, creative.

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