The Joker Script Finally Tells Us What Happened At The End

That final scene isn't quite what you thought it was

The mystery over what exactly happened in Jokerand indeed whether any of it happened at allcontinues to rumble on, but a newly unearthed draft of the script might hold the answers.

We've discussed this before in some depth, but if you're in a rush here are the broad options: it all happened literally as shown on screen; some bits of it happened and others didn't, just like Zazie Beetz's character Sophie not really being Arthur Fleck's girlfriend; and none of it happened at all, because Fleck has been dreaming it all up from the hospital ward all along.

So what does the script actually say?

"He's sitting across from an overworked HOSPITAL DOCTOR (50's), African American woman," it says. "Somehow it's the exact same room Joker imagined his mother was in some 30 years ago. The room and the doctor also look vaguely similar to the social worker and her office in the opening scene."

Hmmm. That ambiguity is clearly there, but the nods toward the beginning of the film do suggest that Fleck has cherry-picked bits and pieces from his immediate surroundings to create a fantastical narrative for himself inside his own head. Then again, why would the big reveal that Sophie isn't his girlfriend even exist in the story if it was all in Fleck's head? Surely he'd just continue pretending. Is it a plot hole? Is there an answer? Does it even matter? Probably not.

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