Sex Survey Says Nearly Half of Quarantine Couples Experimenting in the Bedroom

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Some couples report having less sex, people are getting less oral, and men say they’re having more trouble getting an erection during the quarantine period. 

These are just some of the results in an independent study conducted byImLive, an adult webcam experience site. The survey was conducted during the quarantine period and involved 1,000 respondents aged 18 and above across the US.

The survey intended to find out the effects of the quarantine on couple’s sex lives and understand how people’s behavior would change post-quarantine.

According to the survey, couples aren’t having as much sex. About 20 percent of people are having less sex since the start of quarantine. Also, 20.43 percent of respondents reported getting less oral sex during the period.

Other findings of the survey:

- 19.5 percent of people are having more trouble getting an erection or faking an orgasm.

- 20 percent of women are faking orgasms in quarantine

- 11.61 percent tried anal. Some 10 percent of women have tried anal for the first time in quarantine.

- 6.5 percent of people with cohabitants have experimented with a threesome.

Over 50 percent of male survey respondents said they wouldn’t consider it cheating if their partner attended a webcam session. Meanwhile, 20 percent of female survey respondents said they are faking orgasms in quarantine.

Almost half of couples said they are trying to spice things up in the bedroom. Nearly half, or 49.69 percent said they are experimenting with sex during the quarantine.

Meanwhile, 20 percent of female survey respondents are planning to seek sex and sexual acts from other people after the quarantine is over, while nine percent are interested in a threesome.

Finally, it’s not all fun and games. People reported getting hurt while having sex during quarantine. About 4.5 of people have experienced sex-related injuries during quarantine, and from that number, 31 percent are aged 35 to 44, while 58 percent of them are women.

Interesting times, indeed.

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