We Finally Get a Detailed Look at Those Mysterious Apple Face Masks

See the official Apple Face Mask in action.
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The rest of the world finally gets to see what the Apple face masks look like. Unbox Therapy, the hugely popular tech YouTuber, whose gig is, well, unboxing and then trying all the coolest stuff, showed off the two kinds of Apple-approved masks to his 17.2 million subscribers late last night. 

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Apple had already confirmed the masks early in September, but it’s only now that we get to see them in action. So what are the deets? And how do you get your hands on them so you can finally become the coolest pandemic fighter?

Below, all you need to about the Apple Face Mask.

The Official Apple Face Mask

1| Yes, there are two Apple-approved masks, one designed by Apple itself, and the other, the clear mask, sourced from a supplier.

2| But it appears you can’t get your hands on the Apple Face Mask (just yet). Apple’s custom mask is distributed to corporate and retail employees, the latter of whom work at the Apple Store, the official physical stores not found here.

3| In a report by Fortune, the Apple Face Mask is described as “developed by the Engineering and Industrial Design teams, the same groups that work on devices such as the iPhone and iPad.” The intent, according to Lewis George Hilsenteger, the host of Unbox Therapy, was to “build a better mask.”

4| And in true Apple style, better always includes the packaging, a slim white cardboard box, on which the following are imprinted: “Reusable Face Mask,” the size, and the Apple Connect website address, welcomeforward.apple.com, where more information can be found. Alas, you will need credentials to access the site.

5| There are numbers listed on the side, too. Hilsenteger says these may be the serial, item, and lot numbers and the production date. In short, serious stuff. The box also reveals how the Apple Face Mask is “Designed by Apple in California” but “Assembled in China” because of course.

6| In the box is a very small adaptor, a clip-like thing with two hooks. This can be attached to the ends of the mask’s elastic ties, at the back of your head, for a more secure and, presumably, comfortable fit.   

7| The cool box contains five cool packets, translating to five Apple Face Masks that, as previously reported, can be reused. Each mask can be used for eight hours (a workday) for five times. Wash after.

8| The packet is peeled to reveal the all-white mask within. Okay, the Apple Face Mask has an origami-like quality with three parts: You unfold two flaps on the main rectangle to use it. Think of it as a flower opening, but cooler.


9| On the face, the two unfolded flaps, found on top and bottom, extends to cover the nose and chin areas, while the large main section covers a large area of the bottom half of the face, including your mouth.

10| As with surgical masks, the top flap can be pinched to secure it to the bridge of your big nose. The band that you pinch here appears to be longer than those found on regular masks.

11| It appears to be a very full coverage. Hilsenteger notes that the fit is “much more structure” and he feels “more sealed off” in these, too.

12| As for how it looks? We’ll go ahead and describe the difference as looking like a space surgeon instead of an Earth surgeon. The front, notably, doesn’t have the horizontal pleats of the blue surgical mask. It also feels comelier, as if it was made carefully by hand.

13| Previous reports have stated that the Apple Mask is made of three layers, all of which filter incoming and outgoing particles. Hilsenteger does the blow test (he blows on the mask while wearing it) and says, “There’s zero air getting through that.” Make of that as you will.

The Apple-Approved ClearMask

1| To address the needs of the deaf and hard of hearing, the ClearMask, which is not made by Apple, is also distributed to its employees.

watch now

2| This is described as the first fully transparent, FDA-cleared mask optimized for maximum clarity and comfort.

3| And because the wearer’s mouth can be seen through the anti-fog plastic barrier, people who rely on visual cues to communicate will be able to do so.  

4| Unlike the Apple Face Mask, the ClearMask can be purchased through its website, with the non-medical or consumer version set at a discounted price of $67 (around P3,200) for a box of 24 masks.

And that’s it! You can’t get your hands on the cool Apple Face Mask yet. But, as Hilsenteger observes, the specialized mask reveals how big companies are leveraging their expertise into improving the face mask. Already, we have Uniqlo with its Airism technology and Under Armour with its mask built for athletes. Who’s next? 

Here’s the full video of the Apple Face Mask unboxing.


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