These Filipino-Made Medical Apps and Websites Will Save You a Trip to the Hospital


Don’t even think about self-diagnosing yourself on WebMD. There’s a 95 percent chance it’ll say you have terminal cancer when you probably don’t. So save yourself the panic, and perhaps a trip to the hospital, by downloading these handy medical apps and websites made by and for Filipinos.

1| Aide

Aide is a one-stop home medical care app that brings the doctors and nurses to your doorstep. Aside from regular checkups, you can also book nurses to assist you in home treatments (like insulin injections, home birth, etc.) as well as physical therapists for the disabled and elderly.

You can also request to have lab tests (like the dengue test!) and vaccinations done in the comfort of your home. Aide's interface is well designed and lets you know what services they’re limited to. The app is mainly for people who already know what’s ailing them and just need assistance in fixing what’s wrong.

The best part about Aide is that it doesn’t require a subscription for its services. You’ll be charged per doctor visit or service you avail, but not for using the app itself.

Download the app here.


2| Kitika

This telemedicine app is subscription-based, meaning you’ll need to subscribe to a plan to use its services. However, it offers 24/7 service, which includes consultations, online triage, and treatment plans.

You can video call with its accredited network of doctors who will then diagnose your condition and send you an e-prescription via e-mail. You can also request for your medicine to be delivered to your home.

Download the app here.

3| Medgate

Similar to Kitika, Medgate is basically an online medical consultation service. You’ll first be assisted by a telemedicine assistant who’ll ask about your condition, then redirect you to one of Medgate’s licensed physicians, who are available 24/7. You can send pictures and conduct video calls for a more accurate diagnosis. After, the doctor will provide an e-prescription or a referral to a clinic. They also interpret lab results and deliver medication to your doorstep.

One appealing feature of Medgate is that its unlimited subscription plans include a medical certificate, which is pretty handy for employment, visas, etc.

Download the app here.

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4| KonsultaMD

KonsultaMD is a phone online service that lets concerned patients consult with a licensed Filipino doctor over the phone at any time of the day and week. This is also a subscription-based service that can cover an entire family instead of just one person. Powered by Globe and Salud Interactiva, KonsultaMD prides itself on simplicity. You just need to call (02) 7 798-8000, and they’ll find you a doctor in no time.

Visit the website here.

5| MedGrocer

Unlike the other items on this list, MedGrocer is purely an online pharmaceutical app that lets you order and get your medication without leaving your home. It’s incredibly helpful for those who are too sick to even leave their house.

You simply have to upload your prescription to its website or search through its extensive store of drugs. MedGrocer is known for also offering a cheaper price compared to its drugstore counterparts.


Visit the website here.

Keep in mind, these online services were made to treat non-serious conditions. They’re not a cure-all for your ailments. So, if you honestly think something more serious is going on, then that’s when it’s time for you to pay the doctor a real visit.

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