Here's A Treat For Your Pups: Royal Canin Is Giving Away Thousands of Free Vet Checkups

Less than 20 percent of dogs and less than 10 percent of cats visit the vet every year in the Philippines

For all you crazy pet owners out there, the new Royal Canin app might just give you the best Christmas gift yet: free vet checkups. Now, we’re not sure how your doggos and cats will feel about another vaccine or butt exam, but for us humans who know just how pricey vet bills can be, this is certainly an advanced holiday present for us, courtesy of Royal Canin (pronounced “can-ahn”, not “kanin.” Fancy!).

According to Royal Canin Philippines’ country director Adriann Eusebio, Royal Canin will be giving away thousands of free vet checkups to users of its new Royal Canin Club app. There’s no date yet as to when these checkups will be made available, so you’ll just have to download the app now and wait for the opportunity to arise and pray you manage to snag one before they’re all gone.

The free vet checkup initiative is part of Royal Canin’s larger campaign to promote pet education to Filipino pet owners, which they hope to achieve through the Royal Canin app. It’s not an exclusive club for Royal Canin users--it’s for everyone who wants to learn more about pet nutrition to keep your pets happy and healthy, because the truth of the matter is that pet awareness needs improvement in this country.

According to Eusebio, less than 20 percent of dogs and less than 10 percent of cats visit the vet every year.

“When I look at the Philippines, as you guys can probably see, it’s a big pet country. Seventy-five percent of households have pets and we estimate [there are] around 40 million cats and dogs,” said Eusebio. “Despite having this population, our research has shown, the country is quite young when it comes to pet owner maturity. Meaning that they want to learn a lot more about how to take care of their pets, but they don’t have the means or the immediate resources to be able to do so.”


The free vet checkups are just icing on the cake as the app aims to keep pet owners educated on all things pet-related. The app, which is already available on the Play Store and the App Store, includes quizzes, surveys, and articles on breed history, pet nutrition needs, and grooming and hygiene tips, many of which will be released over the next few weeks.

There’s also a points system so you can get closer to freebies with every quiz or survey you answer. In short, you get rewarded for “being the best pet owner you can be,” according to the app. By next year, Royal Canin hopes to roll out rewards, which will range from merchandise to surprise gifts.

Did we mention that you can create a profile for your cat or dog? Giving you more reasons to fill up your phone memory with photos of your pet.

Look at this beautiful dog.
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The Royal Canin app, like many innovations this year, was made to address the pandemic, which forced many to stay home. The bright side to staying home is spending more time with our pets and learning about what makes them healthy and happy. Veterinarians are essential to this, which is why Royal Canin has teamed up with a network of professionals to encourage more pet owners to visit the vet and show them where these vets are located. During these troubling times, we’ve all learned to appreciate our pets a little more.

“The pandemic has actually allowed Filipinos to better understand the value that cats, dogs, and different pets give them, especially since they can’t go out of their houses. So their daily interactions with their pets is something they look forward to,” said Eusebio.

To date, there are already 15,000 users of this app which was only released on October 12. It’s also one of the three Royal Canin countries to launch an app as the Philippines, with its loyal pet population, was prioritized by the global brand. For those who aren’t aware, Royal Canin is actually a French brand. That’s right. For loyal Royal Canin users, you can technically pretend that you’re feeding your pets French cuisine, as if you weren’t already spoiling them enough.


Jokes aside, the brand was founded by a veterinarian who believed that nutrition is the key to a healthy pet. It’s even created products specific to breeds, formulated by 500 veterinarians and nutritionists working together to address the different needs of each breeds. But Royal Canin is not just for purebreds. There are also products made specific to your pet’s size, so he or she can get the energy it needs per day, regardless of whether he or she’s an aspin or a shih tzu.

Not all dogs are lucky enough to be spoiled by owners willing to buy Royal Canin for them every month, which is why the Royal Canin Club will also be rolling out a donation feature that will allow users to give back to the community. It can range from donating to dogs to donating to humans, but either way, the last few weeks have show how many Filipinos need aid in 2020.

You can download the Royal Canin Club app on Android and Apple.

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