These Headphones Cost P3 Million, so Obviously They Sound Like Heaven

You can buy several cars with that money.
IMAGE Sennheiser

Sennheiser has designed the HE 1 to be the best headphones in the world. Made from premium materials with over 6,000 parts, the Sennheiser HE 1 comes with its own vacuum tube amplifier for optimum audio fidelity. Now available in the Philippines with a price tag of around three million pesos, what you’re getting is an ultra high-end electrostatic headphone system handcrafted in Germany. 

The headphone amplifier is housed in a solid block of Italian Carrara marble, the very same type of marble that Michelangelo used for his Renaissance masterpieces. When the unit is turned on, the headphone’s glass cover slowly rises, the knobs pop out, and the vacuum tubes emerge from the marble housing. It is like watching a piece of art come to life. There’s a reason for the fancy startup sequence. It gives the tubes sufficient time to warm up for use. The dials on the amp are made from a single piece of brass that’s plated with chrome.



HE 1 startup sequence


HE 1 shutdown sequence


It took Sennheiser 10 years to design the HE 1. It is the successor to the Orpheus headset which came out in 1990. Various inputs on the amp lets users experience the purest sound from multiple sources such as CDs, vinyl records, and high resolution music files. Gold-vaporized ceramic electrodes and platinum-vaporized diaphragms ensure maximum acoustic performance.

When we tried the HE 1 for ourselves, the headphones looks massive in our hands. But once we put it on our heads, the weight was almost negligible. The fine leather earcups blocked out any external noise. Once the music started playing, it felt like you were in an actual concert hall.

You could pick out the individual instruments that were playing in the orchestra. It sounded like three million bucks.


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