Titos, This Coding App Will Teach You the Ways of the Internet

Introducing coding, simplified.

Coding may very well be a different language for some people. It certainly is for the majority of the population not fluent in the lingo of the IT people in the office. But Py is here to change that—a user friendly game-like app that makes coding, well, kind of fun. With a clean user-interface that’s friendly to self-confessed coding noobs, the ways of HTML is not as complicated as it looks.

From the get go, everything is displayed and explained in a simple way—or, rather, as simple as anything coding-related can get. It’s easy to navigate and understandable for young and old (ouch) audiences alike. The app even asks if you know how to code once you install it, so it can figure out what level you should start on.

The courses are divided between iOS apps, website, and data science coding. The complete list of courses includes: AI, C#, C++, Command Line, Data Analysis, Date Science, HTML, Haskell, Java, Java Interview, JavaScript, Python, R, REST APIs, SQL, Swift, and iOS Interfaces. And under each course includes a series of chapters or modules designed to teach you the building blocks for each programming language.


Simple yet comprehensive, the app’s game-like platform is what scores points with users. When amateurs or complete outsiders to the programming world want to learn how to code, the go-to resources are books and online tutorials. Oftentimes, they turn out tedious or boring. With Py, coding isn’t as impossible. More than that, the app is pretty encouraging as well. In each lesson, facts are explained in a straightforward yet almost conversational manner that ensures anyone can keep up with it. Throw in some quick quizzes and interactive activities, and even the most clueless person in coding might learn something.

Coding is everywhere now. From entertainment to security, coding has pretty much become the lock and key to every big technological milestone in modern history. So, whether you’re 40 years old and new to coding or 14 years old with a programming class, Py might teach you a thing or two. While the app won’t make you a tech whiz overnight, it will still help sharpen your fundamental coding skills and perhaps even entertain you along the way.

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