Coviduvidapdap Dela Cruz, Louie Biton, Pretty Nice Cagandahan: Amazing Filipino Baby Names

Anything goes when it comes to naming a child in the Philippines.

Lord Voldemort Estioco, Edgar Allan Pe, Lipton Ty, Jonathan Livingston Sy, Louie Biton, and Pretty Nice Cagandahan. These are real names of Filipinos that prove anything goes when it comes to naming a child in the Philippines.

That is why when the COVID-19 pandemic swept the Philippines, we became afraid that an alleged Covid Bryant had been born and christened such. The name trended on Twitter and for a brief period, shared the spotlight with Oprah and Vanessa Hudgens.



Then, on March 15, another child was born: Covid Rose. Allegedly, on the first day of the Metro Manila lockdown, a woman gave birth to a child and decided it was destiny that brought the two events together. Below is an alleged photograph of Covid Rose’s birth certificate.


Not to be outdone, another set of parents allegedly decided to name their offspring Coviduvidapdap. We are wondering what nickname this child would have growing up, and imagining the day when he gets married: “Do you, Coviduvidapdap, take so-and-so as your lawfully wedded wife?”

But Coviduvidapdap Dela Cruz’s alleged birth certificate is also a clue on why the name might not exist. In the following photo, the birth certificate uses the old NSO logo instead of the PSA’s logo. The Philippine Statistics Authority or PSA used to be named National Statistics Office or NSO until it was changed in 2014.

The birth certificates of Covid Bryant, Covid Rose, and Coviduvidapdap Dela Cruz have not been verified, but they are testaments that times of crises are no exceptions to Filipinos’ sense of humor.



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