With COVID-19 Cases Rising Again, Consider Upgrading to an Airinum Face Mask


We may have to upgrade to this cool-looking Airinum face mask. With recent reports indicating a resurgence in COVID-19 cases—perhaps, people, thinking that, hey, the vaccines are here, are not wearing masks or practicing social distancing as strictly as before—it’s not the time to put your guard down.

The premium face mask has been seen on the mugs of celebrities like fashion designer Marc Jacobs, K-pop star Kyuhyun, comedian Conan O’Brien, queen of alternative living Gwyneth Paltrow, and teller of truths, Oprah Winfrey. That last one is a pretty big deal.  

Five filters protect against the bad stuff.

Of course, you must see beyond the affirmation of a galaxy of celebrities, and look to the mask’s high level of protection, which comes courtesy of five air filters that screen particles of different sizes. Think of viruses, germs, and other baddies as an invading force, hell-bent on wrecking your health, and this mask as your defender with five walls. 

Photo by Airinum.

According to Airinum, the replaceable filters work like this: The first wall is the durable outermost layer, the second is an active carbon layer that reduces gases and odors, the third is an electro-charged layer that filters large-sized (pm10) pollution, pollen, and other allergens, the fourth is another electro-charged layer that screens smaller-sized (pm2.5) pollution, dust, and bacteria, and the final layer is an innermost filter with an ultra-smooth and skin-friendly finish. 

If that flew over your head, just know that the Airinum mask has “a 98-percent filtering efficiency against particles down to 0.3μm in size.” That also means it’s KN95 certified, which is similar to the American N95.

Photo by Airinum.

Two exhalation valves make it comfortable to wear.

Airinum gets it right when it characterizes the air trapped in your mask as “warm and moisty” and uncomfortable. Also, it sometimes smells like a burrito if that’s what you had for lunch. To solve this problem, two exhalation valves allow “carbon dioxide-filled air to be ventilated out of the space between the face and the mask.” 

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Photo by Airinum.

Now, before you say no to valves, know that much thought has been given to their design. When air is expelled, it disperses “to the sides of the valves” and not horizontally, as in regular exhalation, to reduce its spread. Airinum points out that the method is similar to how a doctor’s surgical mask directs airflow away from his patient. 

Moreover, the design also makes sure that, when you breathe in, the valves are closed, “making sure all inhaled air travels through the mask filter.” (And if you want to follow CDC guidelines, there are also valve stoppers that can plug the ventilation function of the mask.)

It solves those mask-wearing niggles.

You like wearing masks because you like protecting your life and the lives of others, but there are, admittedly, a few problems that come with wearing them, including the tugging at the ears, the fogging up of the lens of your eyeglasses or face shield, the muffling of your voice, the feeling of wearing something overbearing, and the not covering the full breadth of your big face, the nose and chin, in particular. 

Photo by Airinum.

The Urban Face Mask 2 reportedly makes these little niggles disappear. It comes down to its better fit. The adjustable ear loops, which are made of skin-friendly material, creates a tighter seal (solves the fog) without adding too much pressure on your ears, as well as allowing for ample space between your mouth and the mask. 

This is designed to last.

Though the replaceable filters should be changed about every 100 hours of use, the mask itself is designed to last. It’s washable and reusable, two important things to consider now that disposable face masks have created the problem of increased ocean pollution. 

Photo by Airinum.

Airinum also points out how the material of the Urban Air Mask 2 is treated to stop the growth of odor-causing bacteria. This is also important. The last thing you need, while protecting yourself, is expiring because of awful breath.

Airinum Urban Face Mask 2 (P4,000 for a set of one mask and two filters) is available at unaricci.com.

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