The Best Relaxation Apps Because Isolation Fatigue Is Real


Just because you're staying in, doesn't mean you've avoided stress. In fact, according to studies, isolation fatigue is real. It's something you can beat with a consistent routine, healthy eating, and talking to people.

Whether it's due to work stress or general tiredness, a little emotional help definitely doesn't hurt. Of course, not all of us have those options. Thankfully, apps do it all nowadays. Here, a list of the best calming and relaxation apps to fight stress and anxiety.

1| Calm

Calm is one of the most popular apps when it comes to meditation and sleep. It has everything from sleep stories, guided meditations, breathing programs, and more. The real highlight are the various audio programs hosted by experts from around the world. Currently, millions have downloaded the app to get better sleep, lower stress, and lessen anxiety.


2| Headspace

Beginner meditators can find a home in Headspace. Launched in 2010, the app has hundreds of sessions on "physical health, personal growth, stress management, and anxiety relief." Even better, each is designed to make you feel better and lessen stress.


3| Beeja

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????Meditation reduces anxiety - Tune in at 12pm for a guided meditation???? Whether we already live with an anxiety disorder, or have recently found our stress levels rising, the backdrop of rolling news is making many of us feel acutely anxious - a feeling that can be exacerbated by self-isolation and social distancing. This is why we are hosting, every day, a free guided meditation on Instagram, to help you unwind and keep the emotions of panic and fear at bay. Meditation helps to relieve anxiety in a variety of powerful ways, including: ???? Meditation promotes the release of neurotransmitters which are associated with greater feelings of contentment and calm, while also reducing the amount of stress hormones - such as cortisol - in our system. ???? When we are anxious, the bodily system known as the autonomic nervous system (or ANS) is activated - putting us into fight or flight mode. It is this which creates the highly unpleasant symptoms of anxiety - including tightness of chest, racing heartbeat, shaking hands and feeling as if an alarm is sounding in your head. The more you become anxious, the more your body believes there’s something to be anxious about, and heightens this ANS response. Meditation steps in to break the feedback loop, soothing our ANS response and initiating the exact opposite physiological function known as “rest and repair”. ???? With meditation, we can begin to put a distance between ourselves and worried, ruminating thinking. By taking a moment to step back and exist in the moment, we can put a stop to those worries and anxieties which simply don’t serve us, and learn to appreciate the moment we are in, in all it’s small pleasures. If you are struggling in the current situation, or simply feel you could benefit from a little more relaxation in your life, then we’d love to see you at 12pm for our live-streamed meditation! Countdown in stories ???? #anxietyrelief #mentalhealth #conoraanxiety #coronavirusuk #anxietysupport #recovery #guidedmeditation #wellbeing #calm #mentalwellbeing

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Beeja is a meditation app that is chockful of content that maximizes each session. The app's diary feature lets you log your progress so you can see how far you've come. It also has adjustable timers, mood trackers, handy reminders, and a library of chilled out chimes.


4| Happify

Not one for meditation? Happify reduces stress in other ways such as science-based activities and games. What's more, the techniques that the app uses are developed by leading scientists and experts using evidence-based data. The app even has a built-in happiness index that keeps track of your overall happiness, life satisfaction, and positive emotions.



5| Sleepio

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Sleeping is the best way to calm yourself down and relax. It does get pretty hard if you're stuck in a rut, but Sleepio can fix just that. The sleep improvement app can help insomniacs overcome poor sleep without pills and potions. It does so through personalized programs using cognitive and behavioral techniques.


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