Ready For Some Hard Truths? This Test Tells You If You're a Difficult Person to Be Around

The attack.
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“It’s not you, it’s me.”

Science is finally here to back up that cliché breakup line.

Move aside Myers-Briggs and (god forbid) astrology. There’s a new personality test going around, and it’s getting down to the nitty-gritty personality details that we really want to know: if you’re a “difficult” person.

Aptly called the Difficult Person Test, it was developed by IDRLabs and University of George researchers who found that you can break down the factors that make a person difficult into seven defined elements:

1| Callousness, or the lack of empathy for others
2| Grandiosity, or a sense of entitlement
3| Aggressiveness, or the level of rudeness and hostility
4| Suspicion, or a mistrustful nature
5| Manipulativeness, or tendency to exploit or use others
6| Dominance, or need to be superior to others
7| Risk-taking, or need to behave brashly for attention or sensation

Like the Myers-Briggs, the test consists of 35 statements that you are asked to agree or disagree with. After that, you’ll be shown a chart with the level of your “difficulty” traits and just how hard it might be for others to be with you or work with you.

Now, all of these types of tests should be taken with a grain of salt. Not even the Myers-Briggs is accepted internationally. But if you do take the test—which is here—it might just offer a little more enlightenment. And word to the wise, if you feel attacked by some of the hard-hitting questions, you might already have your answer.


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