This Is How Much Exercise You Need to Counteract an Entire Day of Sitting


Work-from-home has its benefits, but the amount of time stuck indoors with no events, conferences, or even lunch breaks at the mall has amounted to hours upon hours of sitting down with little physical activity. Aside from threatening the shape of your gluteus maximus, it’s also not particularly good for your overall health. 

So how much exercise do you actually need to make up for all those hours sitting on your ass? According to a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, the exact amount of time you need to exercise is about 30 to 40 minutes every day. 

The study, which involved nine other studies, four countries, and over 44,000 participants, elaborated that up to 40 minutes of “moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity” every day should be enough to counteract an entire day of sitting down. The researchers also recommended that even just standing up every now and then can help lessen the negative effects of sitting down all day. 

While WFH individuals are busy exercising their mental capabilities, the simple act of sitting down all day in front of a desk fits the description of a “sedentary” lifestyle, which is not a healthy lifestyle to lead at all. In fact, previous studies have found that sedentary lifestyles can lead to earlier deaths, but luckily, it’s easily preventable. 

The researchers recommend pretty simple activities that can counteract a sedentary lifestyle, such as walking up the stairs, playing with pets, doing chores, doing yoga, walking, and cycling. In short, taking a long physical and mental break from work should do the trick. 


It’s not that hard to spend 40 minutes away from your desk, but it might be hard to find the time. The pandemic has done a number on work-life balance for many employees, but when your health is at stake, it’s a good thing to remind yourself that work is not life. 

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