E-numan and Other Ways to Socialize While Observing Physical Distancing

For people who are in desperate need to socialize.

The World Health Organization does not want us to call it “social distancing.” Instead, it wants us to use the term “physical distancing,” emphasizing our need to stay connected with our family and friends.

“It doesn't mean that socially we have to disconnect from our loved ones, from our family,” said Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, technical lead of COVID-19 response at the World Health Organization.

“Technology right now has advanced so greatly that we can keep connected in many ways without actually physically being in the same room… we want people to still remain connected,” she added.

In the name of the WHO’s endorsement of socializing while observing physical distancing, here are three ways to keep in touch with friends during this month-long lockdown.



All you need for this virtual gathering is booze, a phone, and your Messenger app. Just create a group chat in Messenger, then press the video icon on the upper right corner of the interface. Once the group members accept the video call, you can start your drinking session.

Make it more interesting by playing guessing games such as Pinoy Henyo, charades, and Pictionary.


Netflix Party with Friends

If you’re not already a Netflix subscriber, find a friend and cajole him into hosting this party. You can enjoy watching Netflix films or series simultaneously using Chrome. Your friend who is a subscriber on Netflix can simply share the Netflix Party URL with you so you can simultaneously watch films on Chrome. 

Simply add the extension Netflix Party to your Chrome browser and join the watch party. The extension has a group chat widget on the sidebar of the interface, allowing you to chat with friends as you react to scenes in the same film you are watching.



Attend a Virtual Class Together

Watch for industry leaders, pioneers, and experts hosting free workshops and classes online. Esteemed Filipino writer Ricky Lee is offering free scriptwriting workshops on April 8, 15, and 22. The workshop is part of a campaign to raise funds for displaced film workers affected by the pandemic. Robert Alejandrino of Papemelroti is also doing free online drawing tutorials.

Meanwhile, MasterClass will be offering free, live Q&A sessions with global industry leaders. Among the “masters” featured on MasterClass are astrophysicist Niel deGrasse Tyson, NBA star Stephen Curry, Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour, author Neil Gaiman, and more.


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