Amorita, Bohol: The Hidden Oasis of Panglao Where You Can Slow Down


Travel is not what it used to be. No longer can we spontaneously book tickets and waltz into hotels without a reservation. Spontaneity is a thing of the past, a pre-pandemic practice put to bed due to quarantine. Traveling now takes effort, patience, and plenty of planning-a new level of tediousness that might discourage many from trying. But, in its own way, all the effort that it now takes to travel has made the act even more gratifying. It’ll make you further appreciate the luxury of travel-because that’s what it is now, a luxury.

And nothing is quite as luxurious in Panglao, Bohol as Amorita Resort, a seaside oasis that sits on a limestone cliff overlooking Alona Beach and the ocean. Bohol has long been overlooked in favor of party hotspots like Boracay and Siargao, but take away the party and you’re left with only solitude and the sound of the ocean. Not all beaches were made the same, and some places are more suited for peaceful getaways than rest stops for beach partying. Amorita Resort in Panglao is one such place, a property almost designed to endure a pandemic where guests can enjoy the wide open spaces, peaceful activities and amenities, and most important, exclusivity.

Aerial shot of Amorita Resort

Photo by Courtesy of Amorita Resort.

One step onto the property, and you’ll find no reason to doubt why Amorita is a consistent recipient of TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choice Awards. It’s also recently been marked as a safe resort by the World Travel Tourism Council for its efficient sanitizing and social distancing. But aside from its efficient COVID-safe practices, Amorita is best known for its elegant suites, luxurious seclusion, and prime location atop a cliff and just a short staircase away from a white sand beach.

The resort already offers plenty for you to do that you won’t even need to leave its gates as not all tourist spots and shops are open due to the ongoing pandemic. You can enjoy two infinity pools, and if you booked a pool villa, you can stay in your own private pool. Outside the villa, guests can partake in archery, swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, and other outdoor activities that’ll make you forget about checking your phone every five minutes. You can even work out in the gym or any of the open spaces on the property or meditate on the grass facing the ocean. There’s even a private rustic beach cove on the property that’s strictly for guests. Here is a place to truly get away, switch off, and remind yourself of the simple luxuries of travel.

The lobby area infinity pool overlooking Bohol sea

Photo by Courtesy of Amorita Resort.
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The infinity pool at Saffron restaurant

Photo by Courtesy of Amorita Resort.

The resort boasts 98 spacious rooms and villas, but we highly recommend the pool villa for its solitude and the private pool and patio. Try the Chasing Sunsets package, which includes four nights at Amorita’s coveted pool villas. It also comes with a romantic dinner, free RT-PCR tests in Manila with Amorita’s testing partner Hero Labs, as well as free transportation to and from the airport and the resort. This all comes at a price of P60,000. There are cheaper packages available if you’d prefer a suite or room, some as low as P5,000 per night for a three-night stay, but after leisure travel was near impossible during MECQ after Holy Week, why not splurge?

A two-bedroom private villa

Photo by Courtesy of Amorita Resort.

The private pool of a seaside villa

Photo by Courtesy of Amorita Resort.

Inside a junior suite

Photo by Courtesy of Amorita Resort.

Inside a seaside villa

Photo by Courtesy of Amorita Resort.

Enjoy the relaxing quiet of the resort during the day, and later, partake in the clink of wine glasses after nightfall.

That’s when Amorita occasionally holds its BEats event, a series of unique dining experiences that offers something new every time. The next edition of BEats will be on June 12 and will give diners the South American gastronomic experience through a five-course feast-with cocktails to boot. Headed by Amorita’s general manager Leeds Trompeta and the renowned chef Florabel, BEats is held at the resort’s al fresco restaurant Saffron.

BEats is a way for Amorita to spoil guests with a one-of-a-kind dining experience and show off the talents of the chefs behind the dishes. But it also supports the small community of farmers, fisherman, and merchants of Bohol, which provide the restaurant with all the ingredients for its top tier cuisines.

For only P2,000, you can enjoy a luxury dining experience that can’t be replicated.

The Saffron restaurant at night

Photo by Courtesy of Amorita Resort.

The Saffron restaurant's poolside area

Photo by Courtesy of Amorita Resort.

With all the amenities, events, and experiences Amorita, the Little Darling of Panglao, has to offer, it’s worth the extra effort to get there. As required by the Bohol provincial government, tourists coming from outside the province will need to present the following: a negative RT-PCR swab test or saliva test result, taken a maximum of 72 hours before your flight; confirmation of your stay from a DOT-accredited hotel or tour operator; and a letter of acceptance from the Bohol provincial government. That’s not to mention the apps you have to download and register with: first, the Traze App, as required for all domestic and international travelers regardless of where you’re going; and then Bohol’s own provincial app to track travelers entering and leaving its territory.

It all sounds like a headache, and it would be if Amorita Resort didn’t provide assistance to its guests. As required by the provincial government, guests must prearrange their stays and Amorita’s front desk and office make sure to help them every step of the way. They’ll assist you in acquiring the letter of acceptance from the provincial government, arrange your RT-PCR test with their partner Hero Labs in Metro Manila, advise you on the apps and QR codes to save, and even pick you up at the airport.

Amorita is one of those places you go to to escape the city, work, and to be honest, even the internet. It’s a place to disconnect and forget all of your troubles for a moment. In this new work-from-home landscape, you could even decide to work from your villa for an extended stay in the resort. But of course, why would you want to focus on anything but Amorita while you’re there?

The pathway to the private villas

Photo by Courtesy of Amorita Resort.

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