12 Best Airbnbs in Tagaytay For a Quick Weekend Getaway


Just a stone’s throw away from Manila, Tagaytay has always been a popular mini-vacation destination. It’s a lot busier than it used to be, so you’re kind of going to a different kind of hustle and bustle.

Nevertheless, vacations are about slowing down and relaxing, so why not stay the weekend so you can take your sweet time getting your bulalo and pie on? Here’s a list of cool Tagaytay digs to stay in.

1| Rustic Boho Chalet Amadeo Tagaytay

Price: P8,000 per night

Location: Amadeo

Spiel: Casa Del Sol is an ideal place to stay if you’re looking to get away from it all. Situated away from the city, you can enjoy nature with the chalet’s massive windows and beautiful outdoor area, which includes Balinese-inspired swimming pools. All credit for the creation of this amazing farmhouse goes to the hosts, who built and designed the structure and furniture.

2| Cozy Industrial House at Tagaytay With Netflix

Price: P3,000 per night

Location: Palocpoc

Spiel: Conveniently located near Bag of Beans, The Loft features cool interiors with brick accents and concrete walls. It has WiFi, Netflix, and a Playstation. You can even jam out with your friends because there's also a drum set and a guitar. 

3| The Green Door Heritage Home, Tagaytay

Price: P3,490 per night

Location: San Jose

Spiel: The Green Door is an absolute steal. Its almost baffling that you can stay in such a cool place at a price this affordable. This heritage home is decorated with mostly Filipino-inspired furniture and tropical interiors with actual plants. 


4| Overlooking Forest Cabin

Price: P3,490 per night

Location: San Jose

Spiel: This cabin is as Tagaytay as it gets. It boasts scenic views of Taal Lake and a virgin forest. Beautiful stone and woodwork adorn the interiors. Not to mention, it’s located in a more remote area of Tagaytay, making it a perfect getaway. Plus, doesn’t it kind of look like a Mad Men set? 

5| John's Hammock Vacation House

Price: P12,000 per night

Location: Mendez

Spiel: This incredibly spacious home is a great place to throw an out-of-town party. The expansive greenery, swimming pool, and grill make the outdoor area perfect for barbecuing. 

6| Cozy Spot in Tagaytay

Price: P6,500 per night

Location: San Jose

Spiel: This Mexican-inspired house is vibrant and charming. Colorful walls, fun prints, and glossy wood floors give the space spirit. The definite highlight of this home, however, is the spacious bougainvillea adorned balcony which has an incredible view of Taal. 

7| White Airy House

Price: P5,499 per night

Location: Silang

Spiel: It’s a bit of a drive from the main road, but this house is such a haven that it’s worth it. Located in a farm lot, the house is surrounded by expansive greenery. Excellent ventilation, white walls and curtains, and big windows make it airy indeed.

8| Tagaytay Home - Woodsborough Bufi Log Homes

Price: P12,500 per night

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Location: Sambong

Spiel: A quintessential cabin in the woods, the chalet is located in a lovely subdivision, right past Bag of Beans and Soto Grande. The homes in the subdivision are located pretty far apart from each other and there are several tall trees so you can still enjoy your privacy. You can curl up on the leather couch, which is right across a fireplace. Don't forget the hot cocoa.

9| Casa Milagros Tagaytay

Price: P8,200 per night

Location: San Jose

Spiel: Casa Milagros is an ideal place to unwind with your friends. The property is spacious enough for activities but remains cozy. It also recently added a new dipping pool.

10| House for Rent with Free Wi-Fi, Cable & Parking

Price: P18,000 per night

Location: Asisan

Spiel: The ultra-stylish modern interiors of this home makes it a standout from the rest on this list. It’s perfect for big groups.

11| Stunning Volcano Views, Stylish Two-Storey House

Price: P15,500 per night

Location: San Jose

Spiel: This home provides its guests with a perfect view of Tagaytay’s main attraction, Taal. Close to several tourist spots, this property is well equipped for several recreational activities that you can enjoy with your group.

12| Chalet de Tagaytay

Price: P5,000 per night

Location: San Jose

Spiel: Perched on a mountainside, it doesn’t get any more private than Chalet de Tagaytay. Wood furnishing, moody colored walls, stonework, and a fireplace make this place an ideal cozy stay. The entire property also provides excellent views of Taal and a forest.


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