You’ll Understand Coronavirus Vaccines After Reading This Animated Explainer

Where do we stand in the race for a cure against COVID-19?
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The Internet is a giant landfill of information, which is awesome for those who want to know more about a very specific interest, but terrible for those who seek enlightenment about hot-button issues like, say, when are we getting a cure for the global pandemic that is eating the world right now?

If you ask the social media, cow urine, camel urine, or cotton balls soaked in violet oil are salves against the virus. And if you are not discerning about ideas floating around on WhatsApp or Facebook, you might end up ingesting alcohol and not living. 

Amid all that junk, it is a joy to find something on the web that gives truly useful information. In “The Virus and The Vaccine,” ABC News, the public news service of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, presents the three avenues scientists are exploring in the search for a COVID-19 vaccine.

More important, the feature parses scientific information into a format that your brain can easily understand: moving pictures.

It explains how our immune system is triggered by the dangerous invader, launching B cell shields and T cell foot soldiers. It then presents our options in detail: To jumpstart the immune system, we can give a preview of the virus to the body by injecting a copy of the whole virus, or just a bit of the virus, or just the genetic code of the virus. These are the cards on the table and, with hope, one of the human trials will lead to something that will work. 


The World Health Organization has made a stand against the dangers of misinformation. Apart from wearing masks and washing your hands, arming yourself with verifiable truth from trusted sources is also one way to arrest the coronavirus. If there’s only one thing, you’ll do today, know more. Read the full story here. 

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