How David Beckham Stays Sane in The Strangest of Times

He keeps bees, stays kind, and spends a lot of time with his kids.
IMAGE Courtesy of AIA

In this very strange time of staying at home all day and always, David Beckham, former pro footballer and current hero of men everywhere, finds himself somewhere in the English countryside. And just like the rest of the world, he’s dealing with the new problem of what to do when you’re stuck in one place with the same set of people for a long time?

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Do you devolve into a cake destroyer who never gets out of bed? Do you allow the scary voices in your head to tear you apart? Do you get on each other’s nerves? Do you raise the white flag? Do you spiral into darkness?

Or do you, like Beckham, who has proven he is more than human, choose to make most out of a bad situation? “What we tried to do as parents, me and Victoria, is make the children look back at this time as positive and as happy as possible,” said Beckham in AIA Live, the virtual health and wellness event by the life insurance group.

Cruz, Romeo, and David Beckham

Photo by Courtesy of AIA.

The AIA global ambassador, who was sporting a scruffy beard but a tidy haircut when he appeared on screen, figured out a way to maintain his physical and, more important, mental well-being. In this time of distress, it’s the little things that work best: Drink lots of water and sleep more for the body. Keep a routine or do stuff, especially new things (beekeeping!), for the soul.  

He also notes that this moment, when we are forced to slow down, is an opportunity to remember what is most important. “We want the children to come out of this thinking, ‘Oh, remember when went through the lockdown—how great it was, how much fun we had, and the enjoyable times?’” added the sporting icon.             

Beckham popped in for a few quick segments throughout the eight-hour stream, which also included local wellness heroes, Nico Bolzico, Wil Dasovich, Raymond Gutierrez, and Anton del Rosario, but we were able to ask him more about how he stays safe and sane during these strangest of times.

Below, more tips from Becks on maintaining your lockdown health. 

AIA Philippine ambassadors Anton del Rosario, Raymond Gutierrez, Wil Dasovich, and Nico Bolzico

Photo by Courtesy of AIA.
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Healthy habits help Beckham quiet anxiety.

“We’ve all faced unexpected challenges this year and looking after ourselves, mentally and physically, has never been more important. From a young age, I was already encouraged by my parents to develop healthy habits, which was great preparation then for my football career, but I think can also really help in these strange times as it’s something you can control.

“I find running and exercising helps clear my mind. I’d encourage everyone to try and keep active, even if you don’t feel like it, some gentle exercise will lift your spirits.”  

New hobbies like beekeeping fill the void of endless time. 

“I like to be busy so definitely got into some new hobbies—my latest one is beekeeping. I built the hive from a kit I bought online and then had my first delivery of bees about a month ago. I can’t wait till I can have my own honey on toast! 


“I also got some great tips and advice from my fans in Asia, too—we tried making up our own games. The kids had to be more creative and they have enjoyed thinking up things they can all enjoy together. Of course, we’ve had the odd kickabout, too, which gets very competitive!

Following a routine keeps his kids safe and happy.

“Victoria and I said right from the beginning of lockdown that keeping the kids happy and safe was the most important thing, and actually that we wanted them to look back on this time with lots of happy memories. So, having a routine, schooling, mealtimes together, cooking, and generally chilling has been really enjoyable. We’ve had movie nights, Lego projects, and Harper and I have enjoyed painting together.”


David and Harper Beckham

Photo by Courtesy of AIA.

Small steps are most important to healthy living. 

“I am a passionate believer in the value of wellness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s important to do even just simple exercises, like walking your dog or going with your kids to the park.


“A healthy, well-balanced diet is really important in maintaining my lifestyle. I like to eat clean mostly—my favorite healthy food is a salad—but once in a while, especially when one of my kids makes something, I make exceptions.

“The small steps to healthy living are the most important. It’s what I try to teach as a person, father, and husband.”

Lemon drizzle is his favorite right now—also salads.

“I feel like I’ve talked about baking a lot but I really have got into it during lockdown and I’ve definitely improved—the cakes don’t sink in the middle anymore! Lemon drizzle is my personal favorite. My favorite healthy food is salad, something, thankfully, the kids love as well!”

Kindness makes a huge difference right now. 

“One of the most positive things I’ve seen during this time is how communities have come together to support each other and how kind people have been. We have all been so fortunate and grateful to the frontline workers who have gone above and beyond, but it’s also small gestures by neighbors and friends which has made a huge difference. I hope that sense of community and care for those less able continues even after this pandemic.”  


Slowing down is nice, but he can’t wait ‘to get back to normal.’

“In normal times, I travel a lot for work and we live a very fast-paced life so it’s been an adjustment for me to slow down and be in one place. It’s been nice though to have this time to take stock but I’m also very keen to get back to normal.”

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