Guy Tricks Sister Into Naming Her Son After A Rare Pokemon

She had no idea.
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Reddit is a treasure trove of the most absurd but real stories we've ever read on the internet. This one comes from the sub-Reddit thread titled Today I Fucked Up (TIFU). 

Reddit user Blade Huraska confessed that "Today, I fucked up by accidentally naming my nephew after a Pokemon."

"I was on a family vacation driving around the mountains and while in the van my little sister had her kid. The family is in celebration and apparently, there was still a discussion on what the child's name would be," wrote the Reddit user

According to him, his little sister mentioned she wanted her baby's name to start with Z. 

"By pure coincidence, I was in the van playing Pokemon Sword on my Nintendo Switch in the back and I had just caught Zacian with a quick ball," said the Reddit user. So he jokingly suggested to name the baby Zacian. 

"It means 'sword' in Japanese," he told his sister. But of course, Zacian does not mean sword in Japanese. 

At the time the TIFU story was posted, only the Reddit user and his older sister knew the truth but planned to tell their little sister and their mom about it.

"We are getting some pokemon related gifts for the baby for Christmas to reveal the truth and make it a funny joke," he wrote. 

He eventually posted two TikTok videos showing how he revealed the truth to his sister and mother. Watch the videos below. 


Part 1 of the reddit story reveal. #zacian #babynames #storytime #pokemon #reddit

? original sound - Erving Otero


Part 2 of the pokemon name reddit story. #reddit #pokemon #storytime #babynames #zacian

? original sound - Erving Otero

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