How to Deal with Christmas Anxiety, According to a Life Coach


Christmas is known to be a season of joy and giving for most people. However, for some, the yuletide season creates unwanted stress and pressure. 

The holiday rush, the pandemic scare, the bills piling up, the pending work, and the pressure to put on a “good celebration” are just some of the things which make Christmas less happy for others. 

“We tend to forget the true meaning of Christmas—that it goes beyond the lavish gifts or sumptuous feasts and vacation spots. By equating Christmas to material things and extravagant experiences, we deprive ourselves of the chance to enjoy it, as it is,” says Myke Celis, a life coach. 

“To be honest, we are the ones who create the unnecessary stress and anxiety by indulging in the expectations of others and the society on how Christmas should be celebrated. We should start by reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas to allow us to enjoy the yuletide season to the fullest,” Celis adds.

Being anxious and stressed about the holidays can be managed though according to Celis, who’s set to launch his 6th title under his best selling #bestmeever book series under a new publisher early next year.

According to him, the first thing to do is pause.

“The holidays present a perfect time to stop and reflect on our current space. Ask yourself at the end of the day, what is most important for you this Christmas? Remember that it’s not about how grand the celebration is but rather, how meaningful it becomes as you celebrate with people dear to your heart, in the best way you know and one that you can afford. Christmas is never an excuse to live beyond your means because that causes stress and anxiety thereafter when the bills arrive.”


Next, is all about letting go and letting things be:

Coach Myke Celis says: “If it’s beyond your control, let go. Don’t stress yourself trying to make things happen according to your plans and expectations. Life happens. Just let yourself (and things be). There’s genuine joy when you trust the process. And this includes letting go of excessive worrying about gift buying, meal planning, and where and how to celebrate. Know that your presence is more than enough when you give anything that comes from the heart, big or small. A simple phone call, a handwritten note – these can do wonders for you and whoever will receive them.

“And lastly, it’s all about practicing gratitude and sharing the joy."

“Like what the song says, Christmas is in our hearts. So just be thankful for your current space and allow yourself to be a blessing for others this season. Not everyone is as blessed as you are and your help can go a long way. Plus, Christmas becomes more rewarding that way when you get to celebrate it with people who need to remember its true meaning the most,” the best-selling author ends.

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