This Pet Memorial Service 'Turns' Your Pets Into Plants

Pet to Nature offers humane treatment of your pet's remains. 

Pet to Nature is a revolutionary memorial service for your dearly departed pets. Established by Matthew Ng in Hong Kong, the company expanded to the Philippines and now has a branch in Marikina. 

Ng saw the need for an elevated Memorial Service for pets when his pet Bobby died and the cremation facility where he brought him had the look and feel of a factory. He left Bobby at the crematorium and was asked to come back for the ashes after two hours—he did not even have the chance to pay his last respects. 

Hurt and heartbroken, Ng decided to do research on pet cremation and discovered a sustainable and better alternative: Aquamation

Aquamation or alkaline hydrolysis is a process for the disposal of human and pet remains using water, lye, and heat. What remains after the aquamation process are the bones of your pet. 

“In fact, with this process, we can preserve even the soft bones and teeth intact that's why the ashes or bone powder is at least 20 percent more compared to traditional flame based cremation,” Pet to Nature tells Esquire Philippines.

'Turning' Your Pets Into Plants

Faithful to its name, Pet to Nature can also “turn” your pets into plants. 

“With the aquamation process, the nutrients from the pet's body are preserved. That is why it is perfect to use in plants as fertilizer to nourish the plant. Part of the Aquamation water and the bones are mixed with the plant's soil,” Pet to Nature says.

A Potted Plant Nourished with Fluids from a Pet's Remains from Aquamation

Photo by Pet to Nature.

Pet Memorial Services

Pet to Nature also offers pet memorial services such as their Pick Up Service for when you need someone to pick up your pet’s remains to the aquamation facility. 

They also offer Return of Ashes service. They will deliver the “ashes” of your pet after it undergoes aquamation. 

Their Pet Visit Chapel is a pet-viewing service so you can properly pay your respects to your pet before aquamation. 

Pet to Nature's Viewing Chapel

Photo by Pet to Nature.

“The goal is to make grieving for a departed pet as humane as possible. It includes proper cleaning of the pet. People will have time to pay their last respects and enjoy the good memories with the departed pet in a facility with a similar concept as memorial chapels for humans.”

Pet to Nature can also create a Galaxy Sphere made with your pet's remains. It contains the ash, fur, and teeth of your pet. 

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Galaxy Sphere

Pet to Nature also has 3D Paw Memorabilia services. 

Photo by Pet to Nature.
Photo by Pet to Nature.

Another option is a Paw Imprint service. 

Photo by Pet to Nature.

How to Avail of Pet to Nature’s Services

Pet to Nature is open 24/7. You can avail their services by calling their hotline at 0917 872 7708. You may also contact Pet to Nature through its Facebook page

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