A Green Puppy Was Born in the Philippines, But How Did It Happen?


Green puppies are rare, but not unheard of. Last week, a green puppy was born in Italy, its body coated in a striking green fur. The owner of the puppy named him Pistachio

Then, on October 25, Chona Lacsamana from the Philippines posted about her dog giving birth to a similar green puppy. She named the puppy Wasabi


In 2017, a chocolate labrador also gave birth to a green pup, which the owners named Fiona, after the ogre princess in Shrek.

Fiona, the Green Puppy

But what causes this distinct coloration? 

Why are some puppies born green?

The green fur on the puppies’ fur is not actually the real color of the coat. It is a stain caused by a compound called biliverdin, which is responsible for producing bile and healing wounds in animals. 

Sometimes, when the level of billverdin in a puppy’s birth sac is too high, it stains the coat, resulting in the puppy’s green color. The effect is like a natural hair dye. 

Unfortunately, the green stain is not permanent and will eventually fade as the puppy sheds fur. The condition is not dangerous and has no known negative effects on the growth of the puppies.

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