Philippine Companies Value Technical and Transferable Skills Over Education and Experience

The future architecture of employment emphasizes how you work.   

The hows have it. According to LinkedIn’s “Future of Talent” white paper, soft skills, as in how you interact with your work buddies or simply how you behave in the pressure cooker situations of, let’s see, a pandemic, are now more valuable to employers in the Philippines. 

The whats-traditional paper qualifications like education and experience-are moving to the wayside in favor of these soft skills, which the professional network giant proclaims as the new currency for the workplace. To be more specific, companies in the Philippines value technical skills (38 percent) and transferable skills (28 percent) over education (12 percent) and minimum years of experience (16 percent).

LinkedIn notes how more companies in the Philippines implemented skill-based hiring in 2020 and this trend will continue in 2021. If you’re looking to move up in your company or move to another outfit, know that the skills hiring managers prioritize, according to the study, include communication (38 percent), strategic thinking (35 percent), ability to work in teams (30 percent), and problem-solving (28 percent). 

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the driving force of the change in talent architecture, has also led to new positions, whose cross-functional roles score adaptability (34 percent), problem-solving (24 percent), and the ability to work in teams (22 percent) high.

Another way the pandemic has shifted hiring practices is how nearly nine in 10 companies in the country are more open to tap talents from within. Hiring internally is good for both parties: Employers can benefit from existing employees’ insider's perspective, while employees can gain a more holistic understanding of their company.


That’s not to say outsiders are not welcome. In fact, the study shows how companies have become more open to talent from other industries, which is where your transferable skills come into play. 

To gather these insights and more (remote working is here to stay), LinkedIn, through market research firm GfK, conducted a quantitative survey across the Asia Pacific region. The online survey gathered over 3,500 respondents, including senior-level hiring managers, top management, and HR personnel, from varied industries in the Philippines, Japan, Singapore, and more.

So what does this mean for you? Apart from developing the skills mentioned above, it’s time to rework your CV to highlight your hows over your whats. 

Read LinkedIn’s Future of Talent report here.

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