NFTs Turned Memes Into Very Weird, Very Expensive 'Collectibles'

How much are your favorite memes?

While we’re still trying to wrap our heads around NFTs (non-fungible tokens), meme-makers have been making big bucks for memes that have been surfing the net for years.

Remember the meme “Disaster Girl”? Well, the four-year-old girl in the photo, Zoe Roth, is now 21 and she’s cashing in on that meme money after selling the meme-turned-NFT for a whopping $573,136, making it the most valuable meme NFT to date. Fun fact: Zoe’s dad actually took the photo during a regular fire department drill, not knowing that the photo’s worth would be be enough to set his daughter for life.

How exactly are memes turned into NFTs? The meme creator will release a copy of the meme, perceived to be a limited edition, that retains most of its exclusivity and value despite the fact that this is the internet and anything can be copied and pasted. Regardless, like other NFTs, it’s given a non-replicable blockchain address that gives it its value, as these addresses can be traded or auctioned like other collectibles.

It’s hard to put something as mundane as postcard stamps in the same “collectible” category as NFT memes, but like all collectibles, meme NFTs increase in worth based on its popularity with the public. And in 2021, nothing is quite as popular as irreverent memes.

Being crypto itself, most meme NFTs are purchased using Ethereum, so here are some of the most expensive memes-turned NFTs in history based on the Ethereum rate at the time of purchase.


1| Disaster Girl - $573,136

2| Nyan Cat - $515,817

3| Overly Attached Girlfriend - $459,260

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4| Grumpy Cat - $100,860

5| Bad Luck Brian - $45,027

6| Leave Britney Alone - $43,027


7| Success Kid - $35,204

And here’s how the selling prices look like compared to one another:

Infographic: Memes-Turned-NFTs Earn Big Bucks | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

Ready to make-and become-your own meme? Public humiliation aside, you might just become $500,000 richer. 

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