This Cool Baby Pangolin and Its Mom Were Just Rescued in Palawan

A baby pangolin and its mother were rescued in Palawan by a corn farmer Antonio Cuino, a decent guy who decided to turn over the rare and endangered mother-and-son duo to authorities. Had it been anyone else, these poor little guys might have been sold for a big sum on the black market.

Look at him just chilling on his mom’s tail, totally unaware of the mean humans ready to eat him.

Pangolins are a critically endangered species that are hunted for supposed medicinal properties in their scales. China and Vietnam are notorious for trafficking poor pangolins, which are also considered a delicacy in these countries. Because of their meat and scales, pangolins are the most trafficked animal in the world with many eager customers on the black market.

How could someone even consider eating this little guy?

Luckily, this mother and son won’t be ending up on a chopping block anytime soon. After Cuino rescued them when he spotted them on his corn farm, a couple of neighbors offered to buy it from him, probably to sell them for bigger money underground.


Alam talaga ng mga tao ang market value ng mga pangolin. Mabuti na lang talaga na alam ni Mr. Cuino na endangered ang pangolins kaya’t nai-turn over sa amin. Aware din kasi siya kung ibebenta niya, makakasuhan siya,” explained Jovic Fabello, spokesperson of the Palawan Council for Development Staff (PCDS), to Palawan News Online.

With the help of his wife, Cuino turned over the vulnerable pangolins to authorities, who have since released the pair in an undisclosed location in the wild.

“It is a good sign na nakakita kami ng mother and baby kasi ibig sabihin na healthy pa ang population ng mga pangolins sa wild. At nakikita rin namin, sa dami ng mga naitu-turn over sa PCDS, talagang tumataas na ang awareness ng mga tao sa halaga ng mga endangered species,” said Fabello.

There you go. Proof that good guys still exist and at least one nice thing has happened in 2020.

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