In Extreme COVID Tactic, China Locks Down 34,000 Guests in Disneyland

People in hazmat suits blocked the exits as fireworks erupted over Cinderella Castle.

It was Halloween. Fireworks were erupting over the Cinderella Castle when people started receiving alerts on Weibo: Shanghai Disneyland had suddenly closed without warning. 

People in hazmat suits blocked the exits of the theme park. Rides stopped working. All 34,000 visitors were told not to panic and queue up for the exits as they got tested for COVID one by one. 

“I never thought that the longest queue in Disneyland would be for a nucleic acid test,” a visitor posted, as quoted by The Guardian

By the time the testing was finished, it was past midnight. 

Those who tested negative were loaded into 220 buses, which ferried them home where they were ordered to isolate for two weeks, after which, they will be tested again for COVID-19. 

The sudden lockdown on Shanghai Disneyland is a glimpse into the extreme COVID tactics employed by China. On the one hand, it shows how it is able to enforce large-scale lockdowns with efficiency and no lack of manpower. On the other hand, it also shows the extreme lengths the government is prepared to take on its COVID crackdowns. 

The bizarre moment was triggered when a single visitor to Shanghai was later found to be positive. According to The Guardian, it was not even clear whether she had gone to Disneyland. 

Despite the ordeal, Weibo user Qian said she felt happy about the whole process.

“One can really believe in Shanghai for ever. The response speed and the measures to deal with the epidemic are really fast and reasonable,” she said, as reported by The Guardian.


“This Halloween will be unforgettable, a happy, beautiful, and wonderful journey with no dangers. I hope the epidemic gets better soon and everyone is safe and sound.”

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