Can This Designer Face Mask with Nanosilver Kill Viruses?

The sleek face masks by Aerian Essentials combine looking good with staying safe. 
IMAGE Aerian Essentials

Like underwear, the face mask has become a daily essential, as in you wouldn’t leave home without wearing both, right? Right? But unlike skivvies, a mask is not hidden from view. It’s there, front and center, over your mouth and your nose (the butt of the face), for all the world to see. Because it is right there, there is another consideration to think about: How does it look?

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Already, big and small outfits have released face masks that don’t scream hospital, but instead say, “I also think about style.” Rendered in special fabrics or embellished with details or simply blessed with shape, most of these handsome face coverings provide basic protection, the blocking of dangerous particles. That’s all well and good, but you can always ask for more—something pretty and also pretty effective.

Emphasizing both function and form, these new face masks by Aerian Essentials use nCamM nanosilver material in the design of Filipino creative Albert Andrada. Says the company: “Most other masks filter and simply block particles, while Aerian’s protective wearables include a layer of nCamM nanosilver that kills viruses.” 

Photo by Aerian Essentials.

Sandwiched between an exterior layer that physically blocks particles and an interior layer that protects the special material, the patented nCamM layer, with its extremely small particles (less than five nanometers), makes the difference here as nanosilver is known to have anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties. It works like this: When negatively charged microbes interact with positively charged nanosilver, the baddies are destroyed.

Aerian reports its mask’s effectiveness “has been tested with over 650 viruses and bacteria species including the H3N2 virus, and other flu viruses.” The nCamM material has been put through rigorous testing, too, under the supervision of its maker, the renowned chemist Dr. Liu Hongjun, and following the standards of international accreditation bodies. Notably, Liu’s background includes purifying contaminated water into safe drinking water with nanosilver.

And the design? What else is there to say except that the masks possess that cool fashion shape, the kind that smoothly hugs the lower-half of the face. Aerian lists three styles for you: premium (P799) for everyday use, classic (P299), which includes a strip of woven fabric as accents, and luxewear (P1,999), the yet-to-be-revealed masks that will feature Andrada’s “intricate patterns and opulent colors”

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Photo by Aerian Essentials.

The premium masks, which are locally produced and made of high-grade neoprene, come in bronze, stone, baby blue, hunter green, and black—all stylish, easy-to-work-with colors. Aerian also makes sure to note that the “nanosilver does not leach, making it safe for the user and the environment,” because you should never die for fashion., 0917 862 3645

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