The Coolest Necklaces for Instantly Elevating Your Summer Look

Details make all the difference.

Can you remember any one piece of men's jewelry that's enjoyed more of a moment recently than the simple, unassuming neck-chain? Bolstered by a scene-stealing turn in Hulu's Normal People (as modeled by the inimitably thick-thighed Paul Mescal) the humble necklace has experienced a glow-up of the kind seldom seen anywhere except in high schools the first day following summer break. (There is, in fact, an entire segment of TikTok—and a shockingly thirsty one at that—dedicated to celebrating a specific type of dangly neck-chain, and if you haven't checked out any of the memes yet you're very much missing out.)

In a period of time partly defined by its endless video conferences and oddly-angled FaceTime calls, any accessories visible from, say, the shoulders up, have taken on an entirely new significance. When so much of your once meticulous fits are left completely unappreciated, what other avenues do you have to flex your heightened taste levels? The clavicle very well may be the sleeper erogenous zone of the Zoom era.

I've extolled the virtues of investing in the right accessories before, especially come summer, but if you weren't convinced yet, you're in luck: a necklace is one of the easiest ways to get in on the action without feeling like you're making any life-changing commitments. And your luck doesn't end there, because I've rounded up some of the best options available now so you, too, can make like Connell and (hopefully) find/impress your own Marianne in the process.


Pendant Necklace

A pendant chain is a tried-and-true entry-level option.

Thin Figaro Chain Necklace

Your local Urban Outfitters also likely has you covered.

Safety Pin Necklace

Recommended Videos

For necklace newbies, head to Topman for an assortment of well-priced options.

St. Christopher Necklace

A little religious iconography goes a long way.

Etched Coin Necklace Set

Double-up on the proposition with one buy.

Pink Ceramic Drop Necklace


Remind me, what is it they say about real men and pink again? Ludovic de Saint Sernin,

Small Lighter Case Necklace

Got a light? Ambush,

All Power Fist Pendant

The simplest way to send a message, in more ways than one.

Gold & Silver Materialmix Hairpin Necklace


The mix of materials you didn't know you needed, all in one necklace.  Bles,

15/10ths Brushed Sterling Silver Necklace

Le Gramme's brushed sterling number makes a statement without being flashy about it.  Le Gramme,

Noor Pendant Necklace

A historically-inspired design that couldn't look more of-the-moment. Dear Letterman,


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