In Dior, He’s Not Just a Regular Dad. He’s a Cool Dad


Who says being and cool and stylish is only for young adults and scary teens with unlined faces, great hair, and allowances? If you, a dad, or your Dad wants to be hip, first don’t use the word hip. Next, dress the part. 

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But we’re not talking about the tricky eye candy of 2020 like tie-dye or sheer tops. Those are best left to young adults and scary teens with unlined faces, great hair, and allowances. Instead, we suggest the essentials, the steadfast pieces that work quietly but effectively to convey the message, “I am not giving up. I am a man of style—still.” 

For the hardworking father, we’re thinking about the contemporary pieces from Dior. All are dosed with the coolness and refinement that artistic director Kim Jones is known for. Best of all, they’re easy to slot into your existing wardrobe. Think about these great pieces from the Paris fashion house:

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A Looser Jacket

Photo by Dior.

A shift in proportions is the easiest way to stay in the style conversation, which right now is breezy. 

A Pair of Raw Denim Jeans

Photo by Dior.

Medium wash is the current look, but we’re not discounting a pair of sinfully dark denim. And since they’re raw, they’ll take on the creases and stories of your life. 

The B23 High-Top Sneakers: Part 1

Photo by Dior.
watch now

While the canvas sneakers of youth are still viable today, these say you’re all grown up and have the elevated taste and improved resources to prove it. 

The B23 High Top Sneakers: Part 2

Photo by Dior.

For when you want to flex a little harder. 

Cool Bag No. 1

Photo by Dior.

If you want the top prize, put the Saddle over your shoulder. The shape, adapted from the women’s collection of Dior, is the it-test of it bags for men. 

Cool Bag No. 2

Photo by Dior.

But if you want to take baby steps, there is this smaller Saddle Messenger version. 

Cool Bag No. 3

Photo by Dior.

And if you want a standard shape, Dior has the Safari Messenger, a soft box perfect for hand sanitizers and travel passes.

This Not-Logo Backpack

Photo by Dior.

While we are allergic to all-over logos, the Oblique is more of a mesmerizing pattern than letters that shout. Also, dads need a grown-up backpack for the detritus of child-rearing. 

A Luxury Safety Pin

Photo by Dior.

Finally, something precious. A standard suit becomes more impressive with an oversized safety pin affixed on it. Bonus points if your initials are also “CD.” 

One last note: While the store is not open at the moment, Dior in Manila offers home delivery and store pick-ups. If you're planning to give Dad something, you may coordinate requests by calling 0917 509 7288. 

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