How to Look as Unbelievably Cool as Obama in Sunglasses


Barack Obama: expert thrower of shade, and expert wearer of shades. The man speaks, and the world listens. He puts on a pair of sunglasses, as he did earlier this week, and the world gazes in awe at how damn cool the former president looks. Because, well, damn does he look cool. 

Here's the thing: There is politician cool, and there is cool cool, and Obama has officially ascended to the next level. No, he was not a perfect president. No one has been. But his effortless style since he left office? I'm not keen to throw around unearned superlatives, but he is approaching post-presidential perfection, at least when it comes to delivering all the right vibes. 

Observe, if you will, this look once more:

Barack Obama, sunglass master.

Photo by Raymond Hall/Getty Images.

Check out that easy half-smile. That chill-as-hell, "Yeah, I see you" wave. The way his suit actually fits him. These are things to which one (presidents included) could aspire. And do the sunglasses help. Of course, they help! Everyone looks cooler in sunglasses, even Barry O. 


So, you might be asking yourself, where could I, a non-ex-president, procure shades such as these? You needn't ask again. See, Obama actually wore these same sunglasses a few years ago, and, inspired by their awesomeness, we confirmed that they're made by L.A.-based eyewear brand Oliver Peoples. Obama's preferred pair is the OPLL Sun, though it's my duty to inform you, dear reader, that the style is no longer produced. 

But worry not! Because the only reason that the style is no longer produced is because the Oliver Peoples crew decided to update it. Now, instead of the OPLL, there is the Lachman. It's got all the squared-off, timeless cool of its predecessor, plus a few minor modern tweaks thrown into the mix.

Lachman Sun by Oliver Peoples,

My humble advice? Get a pair, and be like Barry. Even better, take good care of them and wear them for years to come, just like he's done with his sunglasses. These aren't the cheapest shades on the market, but they're a genuine investment. You buy once, buy well, and you'll be served with style and nods of (potentially presidential) approval for your smart decision.

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