What Are Watch Winders, And Why Should You Get One?

Look ma... no hands!

“Winding is a dangerous thing; if left unchecked, it’ll damage your mainspring,” ought to be a bumper sticker for mechanical watch aficionados. Mechanical watches are powered by hand movement, and if left unworn and stationary, will eventually run down and need to be reset. This can be tedious, particularly if you have several automatic or self-winding watches of varying complications to maintain. Since you can’t grow extra arms in tandem with your growing watch collection, you could invest in a watch winder, which will simulate your hand motions, supply power to your watches, and keep your collection safe and in shape. 

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The downside: It’ll cost you. And if you’d rather save up for the next timekeeper you’ve got your eye on, opting for an entry-level watch winder, like the modular, colorful Cub by Wolf, should suffice. These retail for as low as P3,000, and several Cubs bought individually may be stacked on top of each other inside a cubby to create a cabinet of watch winders, as needed.


Wolf makes it convenient for the user, having designed all its winding modules to have a lock-in watch cuff that can flexibly adjust to fit larger and heavier watches (up to 52mm case), as well as downsize to smaller watches and still keep them securely fastened. The lining is treated with a proprietary chemical that protects your jewelry from oxidation, the motor is insulated against magnetization, and nylon gears ensure the turns are silent.


“I spend $600 for a watch, I can put down another $150 for a watch winder, which is a quarter of the price but it’s something that can help take care of your watch in the best possible way,” says Olivier Walthert, Wolf vice president of sales for Asia Pacific. “Best value for money, that’s where we are… Not only does it look beautiful, but it’s a reliable product. We have a two-year warranty, that’s how confident we are.”

Following that logic, it also explains why Wolf felt compelled to create a top-of-the-line watch winder that costs P59,900 possibly to host your multiple million-peso chronographs. Dubbed the Savoy, it’s got up to three winding modules, secured in a wooden frame and locking glass cover, with a backlit LCD display for better controls, chrome-finished hardware, extra storage space (up to 10 watches), and a travel case.


Wolf, a fifth-generation family business with a pedigreed past making silverware and jewelry boxes since 1834, expanded from London to Los Angeles in the 1980s. To date, they’ve got 250,500 retailers in the U.S. alone, apart from branches in the U.K., Switzerland, Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore, among others.

Currently, half of the business is focused on watch winders for automatic or self-winding watches. All production is in-house and they offer customization for corporations (around 200 to 300 pieces minimum). “We can make design proposals and we can really customize for them. We do all our production and we have a design team so it’s well-integrated,” says Walthert. Interested?

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