Here’s an Easy-to-Follow DIY Haircut Video That Will Make You Look Human Again


Here you are at Day 40-something of not seeing other humans, and the strict order you’ve built for your life (sleep-wake-work-play-repeat) has crumbled. It started with your hair. What was once a tight fade is now growing into a caveman’s bush that hasn’t been seen on your head since the sorry days when you used words like “dawg” and “dude.”

With barbershops shuttered because of social distancing, men all over the world are looking more and more unkempt. It has gotten so bad—so wild!—they’ve resorted to DIY cuts, taking clipper and scissor to their heads. Of course, the results are stunning. And by stunning, we mean horrible. And by horrible, we mean hilarious.

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“Steps are the new fades.” #quarantinehaircut

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“Am I doing this right?” #quarantinehaircut via @ginnymorgan

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Cruising 'round the hidey-holes of the Internet, we stumbled upon this haircut tutorial on YouTube that may prevent more hair crimes. It is, in our opinion, one of the easiest at-home haircut guides out there. Why? Well, it’s presented not by a barber or a celebrity stylist, but a regular Joe—film and travel enthusiast Jensen Tung—who makes us believe that we (and our butterfingers) can do it, too. Also, he explains everything clearly. And, the video has around 761,800 views.

Tung demonstrates how to get a faded undercut, one of the most popular haircuts for men, and the most important takeaway from his guide is the bit about the side fade. Just cleaning up your sides (and back) will make your head bush look like a haircut. Take this a step further by trimming the top and you’re golden. You might even fool the people on Zoom.


Key Points for the DIY Fade

  • Divide the sides into different layers, each of which will need a different clipper length
  • Cut from the bottom (shortest clipper length) to the top for a gradual fade
  • For the upper part of your side fade, do not follow the melon shape of your head (as in do not follow the curve of your head). Instead, trim hair upward in a strictly straight manner.
  • For the back, match it to the sides using your ears as a guides. This is tricky.
  • Clean up the edges for a crispy cut. Also tricky.

Of course, words can't fully express the amazingness of this guide, so watch it below:

One last thing: If you mess up your cut and end up looking like a bridge troll, don’t worry. No one is going to see you. Also, hair grows back.

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