The Unmistakable Perfume Bottle of Issey Miyake Is Now a Transformer

IMAGE Issey Miyake

On the overpopulated grooming station of a perfume addict, the shard-like bottles of Issey Miyake are unmistakable. They rise like ice knives, teasing you to pick them up and wear their delicious poison. The sculptural design is in line with the shapemaster's clothes, which can be described as light and fluid and uncluttered. 

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In 1992, the Japanese luxury fashion label released its first fragrance, L’Eau d’Issey, housing the women’s scent in a towering clear vial reminiscent of its inspiration, water. The idea behind the bottle came to the designer on a magical night in Paris, when he saw the moon perched above the Eiffel Tower. 

Two years later, Miyake launched his men’s perfume, L’Eau d’ Issey Pour Homme. The tapering tower of the women’s bottle received a complementary partner in a tall and graceful but also slim and broad slab. It projected power by taking up more visual real estate (and actual table real estate). In modern parlance, you can say the men’s bottle takes the sleek candy bar form of smartphones, which just highlights the foresight of Miyake, who dreamt up the future shape of envy way back in the ’90s.


Fast forward to now: After rebirths and reincarnations in the Pour Homme line, including the darker Nuit d’Issey (we also like this), the classic fragrance receives a new home in the IGO bottle. It looks the same but reveals a surprise after a bit of fiddling around. 

L’Eau d’ Issey Pour Homme is one scent housed in two halves.

The top block, which serves as the protective cap, now has its own deployment device. Depress the rectangular button on its head and out comes the spicy freshness of Pour Homme. And, yes, you can still detach the cap to reveal the bottle’s bottom and its round nozzle.  

The masculine energy of L’Eau d’ Issey Pour Homme is now housed in a new two-in-one format

Photo by Issey Miyake.
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The idea behind the format comes from the spirit of surprise that Miyake instilled in his very first fragrance. “Issey Miyake knows how to surprise us with the obvious. Generating surprise through simplicity,” said the company in 1992. Experimenting once again with shape and form to create something wonderful and (surprise!) functional, the company proposes this concept of one fragrance in two bottles. 

The IGO bottle features a cap with a spray nozzle and a 20-ml stash of Pour Homme.

Photo by Issey Miyake.

The other big idea, of course, is mobility. According to the brand, igo in Japanese means “henceforth” and there’s also the play on words, as in “I go.” The practical application is this: Bring the light and sturdy IGO cap and its 20-milliliter stash of Pour Homme when you’re traveling. Leave the bottle and the rest of the juice safely at home.

Bring the lightweight and sturdy cap when on-the-go and leave the precious bottle at home.


Photo by Issey Miyake.

Of course, except for the occasional food run, we are not doing any sort of traveling right now, so the thought may be lost on us. Still, this can be useful. If this is your scent for the month, leave the pretty bottle on your messy dresser and keep the mobile cap in the car. 

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