Win The War Against Thinning Hair With Technology

The doctor is your hair's best friend.
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Here’s what happens when you lose your mop: Before hair is lost, several years of miniaturization go by. The hair becomes smaller and smaller, and its growing phases become shorter and shorter. Finally, the hair dies. “But because the pattern is predictable, these can be treated with triple therapy, which includes hair transplantation and medications,” says Dr. Jose A. Crisanto III, a hair transplant surgeon specializing in hair restoration at The A Institue. Here’s how they do it: 

1 | Laser Therapy

Lasers, which are used for pattern hair loss, are absorbed by the tissue to stimulate hair regrowth. It is a painless treatment with zero downtime and no special post-treatment care.  

2 | Growth Factor Treatment 


Think of growth factors as the body's engines that drive healing in wounds. These engines are harvested by drawing blood, which is then processed to extract platelet-rich plasma. Growth factors play a key role in tissue repair, which translates to more hair. 

3 | Hair Transplantation


This is a minor surgical procedure confined to the skin. The doctor moves grafts with hair follicles to a bald or balding spot. It is a safe procedure performed under local anesthesia and with few complications.  —Ieth Inolino

And Now, The Lazy Man’s Guide to Saving Your Hair

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Is your hair lacking life, love, or lushness? We feel your anguish. Losing hair is the one sign of aging that freaks us all out. The Phytologist 15 is on the cutting edge of hair resuscitation, promising not only less hairfall, but also better, thicker hair growth in only three months.

Consider this number: 5,942. That’s the average number of new hairs you can grow on the top of your head after three months of using Phytologist 15’s intensive treatment. One box contains 12 vials, which you use three times a week for three months. It’s that simple.

The formula is 99 percent all-natural, featuring cocoa, which improves your scalp condition, promoting better hair anchorage and resulting in less hair loss. It also contains the herb baikal skullcap, used in many Chinese herbal remedies to promote hair growth and volume, and the traditional Ayurvedic herb Indian gentian to help boost growth rate. In other words, thicker, healthier hair is all only vial away. Rustan's Makati  —Patricia Barcelon

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