These Real and Useful Style Tips for Men Are From a Surprising Source: Reddit

Your real-life tito woes answered by the Internet.

No, it’s not just you. Somewhere in another part of the world is a hapless guy looking for useful style tips for men. He’s wondering whether his red shirt, striped tie, and vest combo is a fitting outfit for a job interview. Probably not.

With a community of over 2.2 million, the subreddit r/malefashionadvice has become the go-to source for men around the world looking to seek enlightenment about all things style, grooming, fitness, and other important concerns.

Many of the advice-givers aren’t professional stylists or brand representatives, either. They’re everyday men engaging in thoughtful, productive discussions to help the community look better. The subreddit is also actively run by a dozen moderators, who diligently weed out spammers, marketers, and bullies, so readers can focus on genuine style tips for men.

Perhaps the most accessible online forum for menswear, r/malefashionadvice is not so much about looking fashionable as it is about being presentable, whether for the workplace, your SO, or yourself.

The Best Style Tips for Men

We did some digging around the subreddit to find the most asked style questions of men. As it turns out, many of its readers' pressing concerns are quite universal. Here, a compilation of the most helpful style (and grooming) tips for men on r/malefashionadvice.

1| Is it bad to wear the same sneakers all the time?

Question: “Is it bad to wear sneakers all the time especially the same one? Should I be varying my shoe choice?”—garret_p8199


Style Tip for Men: “I’d definitely recommend varying your shoe choice, not even because of fashion, but wearing a pair of shoes constantly day to day will destroy them really quickly. Even if that shoe is an expensive one I’d recommend getting another pair to be able to rotate.”—IllusionEscape

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2| What boots go best with jeans and a business casual outfit?

Question: “Looking for a boot that I can wear with both jeans and a business casual outfit. Budget is around $150 to 200 dollars. I prefer something with plain toes. Reason being, I'm starting a new job next week that requires business casual, but I don't want to drop a ton of money on a pair of shoes that I can only wear some of the time. Versatility is more ideal to me. Any suggestions other than CBDs?”—puts_lotion_in_baskt

Style Tip for Men: Thursday Boots. Specifically the President.”—CunningRunt

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3| How do you know what fabric is safe to wash or dry?

Question: “How do you know if something is safe to wash/dry? I've cleaned a few linen/cotton pants and shirts lately that say “cold wash/low tumble dry only,” and for the longest time I was only dry-cleaning them out of fear of destroying them, but recently I decided to put them in a cold wash and low-heat dry for 40 minutes. I then took them out and noticed they were shriveled up and lost at least 5-10 percent of their size. Did I do something wrong here? How do you know how to take care of things, given the label? The clothes in question were a cotton polo and a linen pant.” —penguinshin

Style Tip for Men: First, check if they actually need washing. Then, wash in the gentle cold cycle and dry on the rack. There is little reason to use the dryer. It shrinks and unnecessarily bruises your clothes. With underwear, sports, and manual work clothing, ignore this and wash in hot. I think it was the dryer that messed up your clothes.”—Loremupsum


4| Does my thinning hair make me look older?

Question: “Been noticing increasing thinning/balding in the back center of my head. How do I know if it makes me look older than my age, or when it's time to give in and just shaved it all off?”—YakBallzTCK

Style Tip for Men: “It does [make you look older]. For me, it was time when the slowest part of the sides grew faster than the fastest part of the top.”—ExtraLantern

5| Which dress shoes should I get?

Question: “I have no idea how to buy dress shoes. Are there any brands to stay away from? These shoes would be paired with a dark gray suit and a white or purple dress shirt. Going to a formal dinner with some prominent members of my community and a senator.”—Savage Cyndane

Style Tip for Men: “First take the purple shirt, put it on the ground, spray with lighter fluid, and set a match to it. You do not wear a purple shirt when meeting a senator. Then go on eBay and find a pair of secondhand Allen Edmonds black cap-toe Oxfords. Wear those. With some patience and luck, you should get a pair within your budget.”—ac106

6| Will brown monk straps go with these pants?

Question: “Will light brown or dark brown monk straps go with navy, checkered gray, beige and olive green pants? Have to go for a semi-formal or formal look, but I can buy only one pair of brown shoes. I asked about loafers and people recommended against them. (So are monk straps better?)”—Rhymezboy


Style Tip for Men: “Unfortunately, loafers (and monk straps) aren't formal. Buy a pair of dark to mid-brown cap-toe oxfords with maybe a medallion if you think a simple cap toe is too plain. But yes, those colors work just fine.”—ancientmadder

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7| How do I deal with dandruff and white flakes on my hair, beard, and face?

Question: “I get white-ish flakes coming from my hair and beard whenever I stroke or ruffle it. I don't think it is dandruff because from my understanding that would be yellowish. I think it's just dry skin. I also have quite dry skin around my nose and eye area that can turn into dead skin. What would you guys recommend for a simple routine to sort out my skin and hair at the same time?”—bluecheese12

Style Tip for Men: “Dandruff IS dry skin. Yes, dandruff can come from your face. Seeing flaking from your face indicates dryness and your outer layer of skin dying and shedding. I recommend exfoliating your face, beard, and neck with a gentle scrub twice weekly, and moisturize daily.” grace_avalon

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